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Hi everyone. I’ve gone through this two issues and solved them, please correct me if something looks wrong. thanks. sum1=0 for(k=1; k<=n; k*2) for(j=1; j <= n; j++) sum1++; Sigma from k=1 to n/2 sigma from j=1 to n (1) = Sigma from k=1 to n/2 (n)= n/2 * n = n^2/2 sum2=0; for(k=1;k<=n;k*=2) for(j=1; j<=k; j++) sum2++; (n/2(n/2-1))/2=((n^2/4)-(n/2))/2=(n^2-2n)/n
asked Feb 11, 2019 in Algorithms miller 69 views
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Hi everyone! I've been recently asked by one of my friends to prove an equation but still, I'm confused how to get it started tho. log(n!) = Ω(nlog(n)) Does anyone know how to help? I'll be very grateful if someone comes to reply to my issue. Thanks in advance.
asked Feb 3, 2019 in Study Resources miller 162 views
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How can i learn to solve questions based on impllications , contrapositive, conjuction etc maths proportional logic? I am not able to solve any single question of that topic. How can i learn?
asked Dec 24, 2017 in Mathematical Logic Pranav Madhani 52 views
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Hello! I have question regarding Gate 18. I have done mostly all subjects except OS and CO. As i am planning to leaving as i want to start doing all gate sample papers and practise questions. If i leave those 2 subjects how much marks i am missing and how much can i get ? 1) Best 2) Average
asked Dec 11, 2017 in Others Pranav Madhani 202 views
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Pointers in C-programming are useful to 1.Handle data tables efficiently. 2.Reduce the length of a program. 3.Reduce the complexity of a program. Which of the above statements are correct? a) 1 and 2 only b) 1,2 and 3 c) 2 and 3 only d) 1 and 3 only
asked May 28, 2016 in DS bhupalreddy 1.5k views
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