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Suppose that a Web server runs in Host C on port 80. Suppose this Web server uses persistent connections and is currently receiving requests from two different Hosts, A and B. Are all of the requests being sent through the same socket at Host C? If they are being passed through different sockets, do both of the sockets have port 80? Discuss and explain.
asked Apr 18, 2019 in Computer Networks ajaysoni1924 221 views
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what happens when a host receives a TCP segment whose port number or source IP address do not match with any of the ongoing sockets in the host? one of the answer i think is an ICMP destination unreachable message will be transmitted. but could it be a possibility that ... listening to that port?(in case of no ongoing port of the number). how the answer would change in case of UDP connection.
asked Oct 25, 2018 in Computer Networks aambazinga 196 views
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When a TCP data packet arrives at a host, the operating system’s network stack uses the following fields to direct the segment to the appropriate socket: I. Transport protocol number (i.e., “TCP” or “UDP”) II. Destination IP address III. Source port number IV. Destination MAC address (A). Only I (B) Only I, II (C) Only I, II, III (D) Only II, III
asked Jan 18, 2018 in Computer Networks Saikat Dutta 695 views
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Which of the following system calls not used in UDP echo server program? A) listen() B) socket() C) bind () D)recvfrom()
asked Jul 19, 2017 in Computer Networks chandra sai 1.2k views
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Identify the correct order in which a server process must invoke the function calls accept, bind, listen, and recv according to UNIX socket API. listen, accept, bind, recv bind, listen, accept, recv bind, accept, listen, recv accept, listen, bind, recv
asked Feb 12, 2015 in Computer Networks jothee 5.2k views
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Which of the following socket API functions converts an unconnected active TCP socket into a passive socket? connect bind listen accept
asked Sep 28, 2014 in Computer Networks jothee 6.6k views
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A client process P needs to make a TCP connection to a server process S. Consider the following situation: the server process S executes a $\text{socket()}$, a $\text{bind()}$ and a $\text{listen()}$ system call in that order, following which it is preempted. ... $\text{connect()}$ system call returns an error $\text{connect()}$ system call results in a core dump
asked Sep 12, 2014 in Computer Networks Kathleen 10k views
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Which of the following system calls results in the sending of SYN packets? socket bind listen connect
asked Sep 12, 2014 in Computer Networks Kathleen 7.8k views
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