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What are the important topics in WIFI : It would be very helpful if some one answered this thank you:)
asked Mar 7, 2019 in Computer Networks Nandkishor3939 417 views
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Quoted Question: One of the large unlicensed bands used for 802.11b WiFi is 2.4GHz. What is the length of these waves? Answer in feet.
asked Aug 27, 2018 in Computer Networks Phantom5 296 views
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Another name of IEEE 802.11 a is ____________ (A) Wi-Max (B) Fast Ethernet (C) Wi-Fi (D) 802.11 g
asked Sep 17, 2017 in Computer Networks rishu_darkshadow 1.6k views
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What is WPA? wired protected access wi-fi protected access wired process access wi-fi process access
asked May 7, 2017 in Computer Networks sh!va 2.6k views
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Which media access control protocol is used by IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN? CDMA CSMA/CA ALOHA None of the above
asked May 7, 2017 in Computer Networks sh!va 3.9k views
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For the $\text{IEEE 802.11 MAC}$ protocol for wireless communication, which of the following statements is/are TRUE? At least three non-overlapping channels are available for transmissions. The RTS-CTS mechanism is used for collision detection. Unicast frames are ACKed. All I, II, and III I and III only II and III only II only
asked Feb 12, 2016 in Computer Networks Akash Kanase 11.4k views
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Topics such as WiFi IPv6 are introduced for the first time in the revised syllabus for GATE. If there are people working in this area or are in proximity of the topics above, please suggest what are technically important areas among these technologies. Provide sources and references for them.
asked Nov 29, 2015 in Computer Networks amarVashishth 6.4k views
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