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okay, i understand the anxiety.But in the process many people are posting gate questions wrong nd leading to a wrong answer and leading towards more confusion.. please hold on.. wait for some days..when the question paper will out,arjun sir or someone else will make all the question(not too many people to avoid duplicate) then discuss your answer under that banner
posted Feb 13, 2017 in Others 1,022 views
This is a discussion blog for all the people appeared in set1.In my little knowledge of GATE for 2 years, this time i found that there was hell and heaven differences among two sets well we can do nothing about it..except suffering..But in set 1 there was 2 ... So i need a suggestion, should we mail IIT Roorkee to adress AT LEAST the Out of syllabus questions properly what do you guys say?
posted Feb 13, 2017 in Others 1,928 views
Yes ! As the title suggests, i am just going to share with you some lines,that made me tremendously motivational ,1 years back... .in 2016, 20 days before the exam,i was going through a Family Problem and could not even touch books for some days!! then oneday,while browsing ... Ab naye irado se manzar badalne ka,sar pe surror rahe... This 4 lines is the best 4 lines of any song,i ever heard!!!
posted Jan 23, 2017 in Others 1,136 views
A thought! when i was in 120 minutes mark ,loadshedding happend and when i reopend again within a minute! all marked answers were lost! thank GOD! i write down all answers while solving ,in copy and again just marked them in near about 12 minutes..from scratch.. ... on an online exam system for entire college,and had to deal with this kinds of issues always!so don't mind for this extra suggestion
posted Jan 19, 2017 in Others 2,461 views
today,i have appeared in one of ME full length test(5) and while checking , i found ,,made easy crossed all limits.. questions are wrongly answered in almost regular interval.. like 2^35 B is =48GB 16KB=2^17 (someone kill me) in hashing they are considering key not ... disgusting.. so i deviated my self to TESTBOOK and ****** test from now on... worst experience in 2017(more massacre than 2016)
posted Dec 10, 2016 in Preparation Experience 3,186 views
hey guys,i have just written a post(or tried to write :D) on my IITM experience REad it here
posted Nov 25, 2016 in Interview Experience 1,805 views