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We are happy to announce that GO Classes (formed by GATE Overflow senior members Sachin Mittal and Deepak Poonia), in collaboration with GATE Overflow, is launching GATE 2022 Complete Course. Yes, no more complaints that there is no personal attention in GATE Overflow ... Up on above website to get access to Orientation Class and other courses. Feel Free to ask any doubts in the comments below.
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This is the last week to do direct order of GO Hardcopy. All details are available at below link. After that book will be available only on Amazon (already available on Amazon but shipping date is after July 10)
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Some GATE Overflow contributors who are also GATE toppers (in top 100) have expressed interest in taking live classes for GATE CSE aspirants. This form is to collect the expression of interest of GATE aspirants for it.
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We are having a Telegram group for GATE CSE 2022 preparation as per the GO Schedule. Group is open to all but with strict guidelines as given below. Spammers will get instant ban. Posting guidelines for GATE Overflow Telegram group for GATE CSE 2022 Posting ... to add. Private messaging is strictly discouraged unless with prior approval of the person. Link to Join:
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We have recommended videos for GATE CSE under the below link as well as GO classroom. Those who followed it for GATE CSE 2021 or following for GATE CSE 2022 please fill in your feedback/requirements in this form. https:/ ... for GATE CSE 2022 can join our Telegram group:
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Booking for GATE Overflow Book for GATE CSE 2022 is now open. This is the third edition of this book updated with GATE 2020 and 2021 questions. Details of last edition on Amazon (now out of stock) can be seen at Edition 2. Book is now available exclusively on ... details and previous version history can be seen at: Buy from Amazon:
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You can now add subject filtering in Pragy’s App to view your marks excluding any set of subjects and also see the set and normalized ranks with the selected filter. This way you can identify the subjects where you performed the best and not so the best. Try it now… Suggestions welcome...
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Those who are interested in coding - we have a extension work for Pragy's app which will be run as a contest. The requirement is given in below link- it is given as a Github project so that those who are not familiar with it can get used to it. The ... get a Rs 5000 cash prize from GO. Details are given in the below discussion URL.
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Hi, We just had a major server upgrade and so some bugs are expected. Please list down any issue you are facing since today. You can also add any other bug which was already present. Also, there are some new themes to try out if you are interested. Muffin Theme which has both Light and Dark Versions Frapuchino – for Desktop Aven
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Schedule for GATE CSE 2022 The schedule followed by GO for GATE2021 Please do not listen to what random people say about the schedule. This is a relaxed one and so you should not keep any topics for later thinking you have time. GO Test Series for GATE 2021 Advantages of ... exam/261/go-2021-mock-test-4 Mock Test 5 : January 31 Exam Link:
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At 9pm on April 10. Please add your questions as chat comment from now onwards.
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After GATE most of you will have one main question - where will I get admit. For this, last year cutoff is a good metric. But again many of the cutoffs are not available. Thanks to most of the available details and also any relevant official links can be ... their business I'm not a life coach - I'm only passing you whatever information I have. Please do not ask me for advise.
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Please fill in your GATE 2020 Results here: Please visit the below blog for seeing detailed admission response of GATE 2019 and this can tell you what you can get for a given rank. Use GATE rank for comparison and not GATE score. ... -1500 you'll be getting calls for interviews and you can make use of the experiences given below. Responses
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For those interested in C++ can hone their programming skills by working on the below compiler project. (You can just create a new account if you do not have a GO classroom account)
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Please submit here your interest. It is personally important for me as this might be the last time I'll be meeting GATE aspirants together. As some of you might know by April I'll be moving to UK and will be there at least for next 2 years. Thanks Stanly Samuel, Anup Patel and Deepak Poonia for considering the request.
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PRAGYS APP Since many people are not fully aware of the features of Pragy's app, I'm listing them here: You can calculate your mark by giving your response URL here: No user details required. You can get the ... data for some reserved categories are missing as they weren't available anywhere. MUST read out the points given in the College Suggestion part.
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Guess most of you are eagerly waiting for response sheets to be out. It can come anytime but can also take a few days. Anyway just wanted to tell a few things. Your GATE rank may get you an IISc/IIT seat GATE is not the only exam for doing Master studies; ... doing whether you are a GATE topper or not. Once you get experienced with real world stuff, you'll be valuable like an IIScian or IITian.
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You can download the ISI/CMI PDF from the below link. DOWNLOAD PS: This is the first version of the PDF and though we have spent a lot of time doing tagging, some of the topics might be given wrong unlike GATE PDF which has gone through multiple revisions.
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Lets first prove the number of states in the minimal DFA for accepting binary strings divisible by a given number say $12$ We need $3$ states for checking if a binary number is divisible by $3$ - each state corresponding to remainders $0,1,2.$ Here, remainder $0$ will be the ... by $\text{LCM}(m,n).$ To find the minimal number of states in the DFA accepting binary strings divisible by $m$ or $n:$
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There are a lot of failures in GATE. 100s of people in top 1000 in GATE prepared by self and approximately 3000 CSE students are in the top 2 GATE coaching centers for CSE alone (contributing about 200-400 in top 1000) and about 4000+ in online courses ( ... your comfort level - this is fine if the comfort level covers >95% of the questions. Otherwise, please switch to some other exam preparation.
posted Jun 28, 2019 in Preparation Advice 3,158 views