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Posts by Astitva Srivastava

I got GS : 618, rank : 1855 and marks : 53.67 in GATE 2019. I'm not a topper, I didn't get even under 1000 rank, so why will you read my testimonial about GO? Totally depends on you. GO doesn't need any testimonial to prove that it's THE first ... by Research in one of the best institutes in India; and without GO it would've been almost impossible. Thanks to each and every member of GO Community.
posted Jun 30, 2019 in 2019 1,835 views
I gave IIITH PGEE - 2019 on 28th April,2019. Written Exam consisted of two sections - 1. General Aptitude 2. Subject Paper (Computer Science in my case). (More information is here : General Aptitude section ... support which I got from these people. I'm going to accomplish my dream of studying in one of the finest institutes of India.
posted Jun 19, 2019 in Interview Experience 1,797 views