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Plzz post half question which you know here and answers which is according to questions which u know just confirmation
posted Feb 3, 2019 in Study Materials 7,595 views
For Next two days i am not in the mood of working on any electronic device … lately i am spending more time on youtube after every one or two hour study ,there is 1 hour youtube :) so i think its good time to leave gadgets ….so best of luck from my side to everyone , hopefully everyone who worked hard will get their results …. “SIMPLY BEST OF LUCK FROM MY SIDE TO EVERYONE : )”
posted Jan 31, 2019 in Motivation 1,566 views
This blog is for if anyone found any mistake or doubt in any gatebook test series questions that options may be incorrect or some personal doubt ...Then he can post here it in this blog comment just write that question link in the comment... Why this ... FOR FUTURE NOTIFICATIONS We are just going to add links here nothing about solution here solution will be on test series questions there
posted Dec 1, 2018 in Study Materials 1,866 views
Plzz everyone dont add screenshots as questions .. It is difficult to read most of the times .. we have to zoom in zoom out many times due to screenshot ...And if someone is reading in mobile how he/she supposed to read that .. If there is diagram in Question then fine i am ... it But not for every question ....plzz ( JUST DO CTRL +C AND CTRL+ V IT WILL ALSO SAVE YOUR TIME ). Its humble request
posted Nov 19, 2018 in Others 1,119 views