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Posts by Ravi Raja

I had applied for both CDS and CSA M. Tech. Research and got called for both. As I could not clear written exams of IITH, IITG, and programming test at IITB, I wasn't sure about IISc too. Interviews were conducted over a period of 5 days from 20th May to 24th May. ... day of my life - got the offer letter Rank - 888 Score - 692 Thank you for your patience! I hope it is helpful for future aspirants
posted Jul 8, 2019 in Interview Experience 2,698 views
*This is my first post, so forgive me if its written badly* After preparing twice (Gate 17 & 18) and failing twice I was frustrated and disheartened. I left the hope of getting into premium institutions and joined NIT Delhi with no other option. But ... Finally remember to follow Gate Overflow, it'll help you throughout your preparation. Thank you Arjun sir for gifting us with Gate Overflow!
posted Jun 13, 2019 in 2019 2,630 views