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If this is too long to read, here's the summary: 1. I found a good peer group to study with. 2. I used standard textbooks and standard resources for almost all subjects. 3. I realised that analysis of the mistakes I made in tests is more important than the marks that ... was useful. In case someone wants to read the resources I used, you can find it here:
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IITM MS Interview: Primary Subject: Computer Architecture Panel 1, Profs were John Augustine, Balaraman Ravindran, Chandra Shekar(the HoD of the department) I was asked programming by Prof John, COA by Prof Chandra. [They asked me if I had any MTech offer, I said ... depth. Their entire interview lasted 10-12 minutes. Mine lasted 30 minutes. I've no idea why this discrepancy in the same panel.
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The cutoff for an interview call was 845, for GEN category. Before the interview, there was a 45 minute test - it had 5 MCQs and two programming questions. The MCQs were: Identify the graph of sinx*log(|x|) If we select a number from the first 50 natural ... received around 2500 applicants, they selected 17 PhD and 7 MTech in the shortlist. Don't know how many will get converted to final offers.
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IITD MS CSE Interview Experience. There was a programming test before the interview - 5 questions, Codechef style. Here are the questions: Out of 300 ... I had talked to Smriti sir before the interviews and he had told me he'll ask me CompArch)
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5 Typesetting questions using LaTeX is not that difficult as there only a handful that are commonly used when posting here. This can be used as a guide to get started in using LaTeX. If people want to post image comments using LaTeX on Facebook etc, they can use:
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