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All the best everyone :) Tomorrow while giving exam, just focus on solving questions, nothing else. No matter if you can't solve 4-5 consecutive questions, don't worry about that(It might be case that no one can solve them.) Remember to reverify your calculations in ... an answer. Give exam in very chill mode and remain calm throughout. You all will surely secure very good rank. All the best :)
posted Feb 2, 2019 in Others 743 views
Hello everyone :) So after a long time, writing comments, answers and asking the question, finally a day came to write a testimonial. i am currently final year undergraduate and secured AIR-14, GATE-2018(CSE). Firstly, i would like to thank my family for having belief and ... if you are really aiming for top ranks), have a faith and belief in yourself and that's all that is needed :) Thank you!
posted Mar 17, 2018 in 2018 3,200 views
In IISc admission form, when i am selecting department preferences, there i am getting 1-Computer Science & Engineering 2-Computational and Data Science 3-System Engineering is the preference order correct? and one more thing, there is nothing like Computer Science and Automation(CSA). @Arjun sir, please help in this. Thankyou!
posted Feb 19, 2018 in Others 1,386 views