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Category: General GATE Score: 779 All India Rank: 312 This year the interview process was online due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the cutoff for getting shortlisted for interview was 776 Score (AIR 335) for General category. I interviewed for CC sysadmin RA. [A ... for the Facebook group which gave me hope in February that it is still possible to get into your dream college through interviews πŸ˜€
posted Jul 8, 2020 in Interview Experience 1,702 views
Hello Everyone, I'm Aditya Pradhan, a final year student of Information Technology at a state government college in Udaipur. I have secured $AIR\ 312$ in $GATE\ 2020$. I expected much better rank before the exam, but was not able to attempt more ... ) and will be joining it, for interview experience please visit:
posted Mar 17, 2020 in 2020 2,190 views