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Choose the correct alternatives (More than one may be correct). Indicate which of the following statements are true: A relational database which is in 3NF may still have undesirable data redundancy because there may exist: Transitive functional ... trivial functional dependencies involving prime attributes only on the left-side. Non-trivial functional dependencies involving only prime attributes.
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A relation $\text{Empdtl}$ is defined with attributes empcode (unique), name, street, city, state and pincode. For any pincode, there is only one city and state. Also, for any given street, city and state, there is just one pincode. In normalization terms, $\text{Empdtl}$ ... in $1NF$ $3NF$ and hence also in $2NF$ and $1NF$ $\text{BCNF}$ and hence also in $3NF$, $2NF$ and $1NF$
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(a) Suppose you are given an empty B+- tree where each node (leaf and internal) can store up to 5 key values. Suppose values 1, 2,.....10 are inserted, in order, into the tree. Show the tree pictorially after 6 insertions, and after all 10 insertions Do NOT ... . Then what approximately is the average number of keys in each leaf level node. in the normal case, and with the insertion as in (b).
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A $B^+$ - tree of order $d$ is a tree in which each internal node has between $d$ and $2 d$ key values. An internal node with $M$ key values has $M + 1$ children. The root (if it is an internal node) has between $1$ and $2d$ key values. The distance of a node from the ... tree of order $4$ with $52$ leaves? What is the minimum number of leaves in a $B^+$-tree of order $d$ and height $h(h\geq 1)$?
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Consider the functions $e^{-x}$ $x^{2}-\sin x$ $\sqrt{x^{3}+1}$ Which of the above functions is/are increasing everywhere in $[ 0,1]$? Ⅲ only Ⅱ only Ⅱ and Ⅲ only Ⅰ and Ⅲ only
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His knowledge of the subject was excellent but his classroom performance was_______. extremely poor good desirable praiseworthy
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A Boolean formula is said to be a $tautology$ if it evaluates to TRUE for all assignments to its variables. Which one of the following is NOT a tautology? $(( p \vee q) \wedge (r \vee s)) \Rightarrow (( p \wedge r) \vee q \vee s)$ ... $(( p \vee q ) \wedge ( r \vee s)) \Rightarrow ( p \vee q)$
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A number of processes could be in a deadlock state if none of them can execute due to non-availability of sufficient resources. Let $P_i, 0 \leq i \leq 4$ represent five processes and let there be four resources types $r_j, 0 \leq j \leq 3$. Suppose the following data structures have been used ... Is the system currently in a safe state? If yes, explain why.
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