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Will giving more mocks help me reduce silly mistakes ? I have given only 2 full length mocks till now .
Jan 20 by Harsh181996  
Uddipto I wanted to ask , how do you minimize silly mistakes , I end up losing 7-8 marks on silly mistakes :(
Jan 20 by Harsh181996  
Bro, Can u share your email?
Jan 4 by pps121  
where can i contact u? am going to attend iith ra interview too.check ur inbox in fb
Dec 7, 2016 by Anusha Motamarri  
respected sir please revise and see this numerical please sir you are genious and have very depth knowledge. please sir
Nov 26, 2016 by LavTheRawkstar  
bro, if you are done with interview in IITM pls do share your experience and questions in a blog or something . It will really help many  other aspirants . Thank you and Best Wishes :)
Nov 23, 2016 by pC  
sir please tell this one
Nov 4, 2016 by LavTheRawkstar  



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