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if i opt for a integrated Phd in IIIT-A 1.will i also get a Mtech after completion of the degree?or only phd? 2.what will i miss ?(apart from the fact that i will miss a chance of phd from IIT)) given:Placement is not my concern
asked Mar 27, 2017 in Written Exam 244 views
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Let $u$ and $v$ be two vectors in R2 whose Euclidean norms satisfy $\left \| u \right \| = 2\left \| v \right \|$. What is the value of $\alpha$ such that $w = u + \alpha v$ bisects the angle between $u$ and $v$? $2$ $\frac{1}{2}$ $1$ $\frac{ -1}{2}$
commented Mar 25, 2017 in Linear Algebra 6.3k views
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what is the differernce between if (a=0) and if (a= -7) or any other non-zero number e.g what will be the out put of following program a)if ( a=0) printf(""a is zero ") else printf("a is not zero") and if we replace 0 by some +ve or -ve number then
answered Feb 18, 2017 in Programming 1k views
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Consider the following grammar: stmt $\rightarrow$ if expr then expr else expr; stmt | $0$ expr $\rightarrow$ term relop term | term term $\rightarrow$ id | number id $\rightarrow$ a | b | c number $\rightarrow [0-9]$ where relop is a relational operator (e.g.. $<$ ... example. the program if $e_1$ then $e_2$ else $e_3$ has $2$ control flow paths. $e_1 \rightarrow e_2$ and $e_1 \rightarrow e_3$.
commented Feb 17, 2017 in Compiler Design 8.8k views
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Let $A$ and $B$ be finite alphabets and let $\#$ be a symbol outside both $A$ and $B$. Let $f$ be a total function from $A^{*}$ to $B^{*}$. We say $f$ is computable if there exists a Turing machine $M$ which given an input $x \in A^{*}$ ... . If $f$ is computable then $L_{f}$ is recursive, but not conversely. If $f$ is computable then $L_{f}$ is recursively enumerable, but not conversely.
commented Feb 17, 2017 in Theory of Computation 7.9k views
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A multithreaded program $P$ executes with $x$ number of threads and uses $y$ number of locks for ensuring mutual exclusion while operating on shared memory locations. All locks in the program are non-reentrant, i.e., if a thread holds a lock $l$, then it cannot re-acquire lock $l$ without releasing it. If a thread is ... deadlock are: $x = 1, y = 2$ $x = 2, y = 1$ $x = 2, y = 2$ $x = 1, y = 1$
commented Feb 17, 2017 in Operating System 12.6k views
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Recall that Belady's anomaly is that the page-fault rate may increase as the number of allocated frames increases. Now, consider the following statement: $S1$: Random page replacement algorithm (where a page chosen at random is replaced) suffers from Belady's anomaly. $S2$: LRU page replacement ... $S1$ is true, $S2$is false $S1$ is false, $S2$is true $S1$ is false, $S2$is false
commented Feb 16, 2017 in Operating System 6k views
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Consider the C code fragment given below. typedef struct node { int data; node* next; } node; void join(node* m, node* n) { node* p = n; while(p->next != NULL) { p = p->next; } p->next = m; } Assuming that m and n point to valid NULL-terminated linked ... or append list m to the end of list n. cause a null pointer dereference for all inputs. append list n to the end of list m for all inputs.
commented Feb 15, 2017 in DS 10.6k views
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Let $A$ be an array of $31$ numbers consisting of a sequence of $0$'s followed by a sequence of $1$'s. The problem is to find the smallest index $i$ such that $A\left [i \right ]$ is $1$ by probing the minimum number of locations in $A$. The worst case number of probes performed by an optimal algorithm is ____________.
commented Feb 15, 2017 in Algorithms 6.9k views
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Consider the following C program. #include<stdio.h> #include<string.h> void printlength(char *s, char *t) { unsigned int c=0; int len = ((strlen(s) - strlen(t)) > c) ? strlen(s) : strlen(t); printf("%d\n", len); } void main() { char *x = "abc"; ... that $strlen$ is defined in $string.h$ as returning a value of type $size\_t$, which is an unsigned int. The output of the program is __________ .
commented Feb 15, 2017 in Programming 10.4k views
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The n-bit fixed-point representation of an unsigned real number $X$ uses $f$ bits for the fraction part. Let $i = n-f$. The range of decimal values for $X$ in this representation is $2^{-f}$ to $2^{i}$ $2^{-f}$ to $\left ( 2^{i} - 2^{-f} \right )$ 0 to $2^{i}$ 0 to $\left ( 2^{i} - 2^{-f} \right )$
commented Feb 15, 2017 in Digital Logic 6.9k views
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Consider the following context-free grammar over the alphabet $\Sigma = \{a,b,c\}$ with $S$ as the start symbol:$S \rightarrow abScT \mid abcT$$T \rightarrow bT \mid b$ ... $\{\left ( ab \right )^{n}\left ( cb^{n} \right )^{m} \mid m,n \geq 1 \}$
commented Feb 15, 2017 in Theory of Computation 6.7k views
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Let $A$ be $n\times n$ real valued square symmetric matrix of rank 2 with $\sum_{i=1}^{n}\sum_{j=1}^{n}A^{2}_{ij} =$ 50. Consider the following statements. One eigenvalue must be in $\left [ -5,5 \right ]$ The eigenvalue with the largest ... strictly greater than 5 Which of the above statements about eigenvalues of $A$ is/are necessarily CORRECT? Both I and II I only II only Neither I nor II
commented Feb 15, 2017 in Linear Algebra 8.6k views
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Consider a RISC machine where each instruction is exactly $4$ bytes long. Conditional and unconditional branch instructions use PC-relative addressing mode with Offset specified in bytes to the target location of the branch instruction. Further the Offset is always with respect to ... $i,$ then the decimal value of the Offset is ____________ .
commented Feb 14, 2017 in CO and Architecture 5.5k views
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"The hold of the nationalist imagination on our colonial past is such that anything inadequately or improperly nationalist is just not history." Which of the following statements best reflects the author's opinion? Nationalists are highly imaginative. History is viewed through the filter of nationalism. Our colonial past never happened. Nationalism has to be both adequately and properly imagined.
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Verbal Ability 1.9k views
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Let $T$ be a binary search tree with $15$ nodes. The minimum and maximum possible heights of $T$ are: Note: The height of a tree with a single node is $0$. $4$ and $15$ respectively. $3$ and $14$ respectively. $4$ and $14$ respectively. $3$ and $15$ respectively.
answered Feb 14, 2017 in DS 4.9k views
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Six people are seated around a circular table. There are at least two men and two women. There are at least three right-handed persons. Every woman has a left-handed person to her immediate right. None of the women are right-handed. The number of women at the table is $2$ $3$ $4$ Cannot be determined
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Numerical Ability 3.7k views
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Research in the workplace reveals that people work for many reasons _______________ . money beside beside money money besides besides money
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Verbal Ability 2.6k views
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Consider the following functions from positive integers to real numbers: $10$, $\sqrt{n}$, $n$, $\log_{2}n$, $\frac{100}{n}$. The CORRECT arrangement of the above functions in increasing order of asymptotic complexity is: $\log_{2}n$, $\frac{100}{n}$, $10$, $\sqrt{n}$, $n$ $\frac{100}{n}$, $10$ ... $\frac{100}{n}$, $\sqrt{n}$, $\log_{2}n$, $n$ $\frac{100}{n}$, $\log_{2}n$, $10$, $\sqrt{n}$, $n$
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Algorithms 5.6k views
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The statement $\left ( ¬p \right ) \Rightarrow \left ( ¬q \right )$ is logically equivalent to which of the statements below? $p \Rightarrow q$ $q \Rightarrow p$ $\left ( ¬q \right ) \vee p$ $\left ( ¬p \right ) \vee q$ I only I and IV only II only II and III only
commented Feb 14, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 3.5k views
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Consider the first-order logic sentence $F:\forall x(\exists yR(x,y))$. Assuming non-empty logical domains, which of the sentences below are implied by $F$? $\exists y(\exists xR(x,y))$ $\exists y(\forall xR(x,y))$ $\forall y(\exists xR(x,y))$ $¬\exists x(\forall y¬R(x,y))$ IV only I and IV only II only II and III only
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 7.2k views
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Let $c_{1}.....c_{n}$ be scalars, not all zero, such that $\sum_{i=1}^{n}c_{i}a_{i}$ = 0 where $a_{i}$ are column vectors in $R^{n}$. Consider the set of linear equations $Ax = b$ where $A=\left [ a_{1}.....a_{n} \right ]$ ... set of equations has a unique solution at $x=J_{n}$ where $J_{n}$ denotes a $n$-dimensional vector of all 1. no solution infinitely many solutions finitely many solutions
commented Feb 14, 2017 in Linear Algebra 7.6k views
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Consider the Karnaugh map given below, where $X$ represents "don't care" and blank represents $0$. Assume for all inputs $\left ( a,b,c,d \right )$, the respective complements $\left ( \bar{a}, \bar{b}, \bar{c}, \bar{d} \right )$ are also available. The above logic is implemented using $2$-input $\text{NOR}$ gates only. The minimum number of gates required is ____________ .
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Digital Logic 5.8k views
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Consider the following database table named $\text{top_scorer}$ ... > ANY (SELECT tc.goals FROM top_scorer AS tc WHERE'Germany') The number of tuples returned by the above SQL query is ______
comment edited Feb 14, 2017 in Databases 6.3k views
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If the characteristic polynomial of a 3 $\times$ 3 matrix $M$ over $\mathbb{R}$ (the set of real numbers) is $\lambda^3 – 4 \lambda^2 + a \lambda +30, \quad a \in \mathbb{R}$, and one eigenvalue of $M$ is 2, then the largest among the absolute values of the eigenvalues of $M$ is _______
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Linear Algebra 5k views
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Let $\delta$ denote the transition function and $\widehat{\delta}$ denote the extended transition function of the $\epsilon$-NFA whose transition table is given below: $\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|}\hline \delta & \text{$\epsilon$} & \text{$a$} & \text{$ ... $\widehat{\delta}(q_2, aba)$ is $\emptyset$ $\{q_0, q_1, q_3\}$ $\{q_0, q_1, q_2\}$ $\{q_0, q_2, q_3 \}$
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Theory of Computation 8.2k views
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After Rajendra Chola returned from his voyage to Indonesia, he ________ to visit the temple in Thanjavur. was wishing is wishing wished had wished
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Verbal Ability 4.3k views
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An air pressure contour line joins locations in a region having the same atmospheric pressure. The following is an air pressure contour plot of a geographical region. Contour lines are shown at $0.05$ bar intervals in this plot. If the possibility of a thunderstorm is given by how ... or drops over a region, which of the following regions is most likely to have a thunderstorm? $P$ $Q$ $R$ $S$
commented Feb 14, 2017 in Numerical Ability 4k views
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Consider the following intermediate program in three address code p = a - b q = p * c p = u * v q = p + q Which one of the following corresponds to a static single assignment form of the above code? p1 = a - b q1 = p1 * c p1 = u * v q1 = p1 + q1 p3 = a - b q4 = p3 * c p4 = u * v q5 = p4 + q4 p1 = a - b q1 = p2 * c p3 = u * v q2 = p4 + q3 p1 = a - b q1 = p * c p2 = u * v q2 = p + q
commented Feb 14, 2017 in Compiler Design 5.6k views