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Space complexity = input size + extra space So, heap sort also takes input of an 'n' size array. Does this mean that space cost of heap sort algo is O (n).
commented Jul 1, 2017 in Algorithms 144 views
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Five jobs are waiting to run. Their expected run times are 9,6,3,5,10....which job scheduling technique will result in minimum avg response time. 1) SJF 2) FCFS 3)PRIORITY 4) ROUND ROBIN
commented Jul 1, 2017 in Operating System 958 views
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True / false ? In continuous function if we have three stationary points then always it will be case that either one is maxima and two are minima or one is minima and two are maxima ? I think it is true but i am concerned about constant fucntion
commented Jul 1, 2017 in Calculus 242 views
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For a given undirected weighted graph G with V number of vertices, if you want to find all pair shortest paths then which one of the following is true ? a) run dijkstra's shortest path algorithm only once. b) run dijkstra's shortest path algorithm V times. What if the given graph is directed ?
commented Jun 28, 2017 in Algorithms 336 views
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If (sname,ssub,spart) are composite primary key then can we take null or dublicate value in ssub or in any single attribute in above composite key?
commented Jun 10, 2017 in Databases 58 views
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Registers R1 and R2 of a computer contain the decimal values 1200 and 4600.What is the Effective address of the memory operand in each of the following instructions? a) Load 20(R1),R5 b) Move #3000,R5 c) Store R5,30(R1,R2) d) Add -(R2),R5 e) Subtract (R1)+,R5
commented Jun 5, 2017 in CO and Architecture 3.3k views
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58.a)solve the given recurrence relation ? $a_{n}=3a_{n/2}+n$ n=2^k , $a_{1}$=1 by changing the variables $b_{k}=3b_{k-1}+2^{k}$ after solving this i got c1.$3^{k}-2.2^{k}$ now i am facing difficulty to find the value of c1 ... might be silly can some one help me
comment edited Jun 4, 2017 in Combinatory 190 views
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Consider sliding window protocol for a 10MBps channel with the propagation delay of 300 µs. If packet size is 1kB then what is the maximum link utilization for window size of 127? a. 100% b. 75% c. 2.8% d. 43%
commented Jun 3, 2017 in Computer Networks 372 views
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An electronic assembly consists of two sub systems say A and B from previous testing procedures , the following probability are assumed to be known, P(A fails) = 0.2 P(B fails alone) = 0.15 P (A and B fail) = 0.15 then the conditional probability P(A fails| B has failed) =
commented Jun 3, 2017 in Probability 164 views
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What is the output of the above program? Explanation: (*(*(*p)[1]-2)) = E (*(*(*p)[0]+1)) = A E - A = 4
commented Jun 3, 2017 in Programming 274 views
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Consider a disk that rotates at 3600 rpm.The seek time to move the head between adjacent tracks is 2 ms. There are 32 sectors per track, which are stored in linear order from sector 0 through sector 31.The head sees the sectors in ascending order.Assume the read/write head is ... 1 on track 9? b. How long will it take to transfer all the sectors of track 8 to the corresponding sectors of track 9?
commented Jun 1, 2017 in CO and Architecture 496 views
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There are 12 copies of Mathematics, 7 copies of Engineering, 3 different books on Medicine and 2 different books on Economics. Find the number of ways in which one or more than one book can be selected? A. 3421 B. 3111 C. 3327 D. 3201
commented May 31, 2017 in Combinatory 523 views
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$\begin{align*} & a[n] = \{x_1,x_2,x_3,x_4,....,x_n\} \text{ is an array of integers where } n,x_i > 0. \\ & A = \left [ \text{min}\left ( x_i,x_j \right ) \right ] \cdot \left ( j-i \right ) \text{ where } j > i \text{ and } i,j \leq n \\ & \text{What is the best time complexity to find out the value of } A_{\bf max} \; ? \end{align*}$
commented May 28, 2017 in Algorithm Challenges 298 views
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Consider the following statements:- 1. Change program counter value 2. Change page table register context 3. Disable interrupt 4. Initiate I/o on a disk using memory mapped I/o which of the above can be executed in only in system mode? a.) 1,3,4 b)2,3,4 c.)1,2,3 d)2,4,1 Please give valid explanation with your answer.
commented May 27, 2017 in CO and Architecture 380 views
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A) 1 & 3 B) 1 & 2 C)2 & 3 D) 1 2,& 3
commented May 26, 2017 in Databases 52 views
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In an election involving two candidates ,68 votes were declare invalid .the wining candidate secure 52 % and wins by 98 votes.the total no. of vote polled is.anyone can help me?
answer selected May 26, 2017 in Numerical Ability 1.1k views
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Given numbers from 1 to 8. Number 5 is the root of BST.How many number of BST are possible with given constraint.
commented May 25, 2017 in Programming 83 views
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18 I'm unable to understand how the value of K, is equivalent to selecting m integers with repetition allowed, out of n integers (1,2,3,...,n). Kindly explain in detail, preferably visual detail.
commented May 25, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 88 views
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One of the case of Silly window syndrome occurrence is when sender is producing only one byte at a time from transport layer . And for that Nagles solution is " collect it upto RTT time (worst case ) or upto 1 MSS (if before waiting upto RTT we got this much data ... data from sender side. If this solution will be applied here too then every chat will become an email . Plzz clear this thing ???
commented May 25, 2017 in Computer Networks 461 views
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Can we have overflow in unsigned numbers ??? We know that in unsigned numbers with n bits we can represent numbers from 0 to 2^n - 1.EX: with 4 bits from o to 15.Now if I add 14 + 15 = 29 which we cant represent using 4 bits...can we say this as overflow ?? What I feel is In unsigned numbers whenever we get an end-around carry there will always be an overflow ..Please correct me if I am wrong....
commented May 24, 2017 in CO and Architecture 69 views
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A grasshopper is sitting on a little stone, which we'll call stone zero. Ahead of him, arranged in a line, are stones one, two, three, et cetera, all the way up to nine. The grasshopper would like to reach that ninth stone, for reasons unknown. What we ... reach stone two: he could take one big jump, or two little ones. How many different paths can the grasshopper take to reach his destination?
commented May 24, 2017 in Probability 425 views
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what is the maximum difference between height of two nodes of AVL tree a.1 b.2 c.3 d.none
commented May 23, 2017 in Algorithms 114 views
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To sort the following numbers which algorithm will suit the best (i) 1 to 100 integers (ii) 0 to 1000000 integers a)bucket sort for both b) (i)radix sort (ii)quick sort c) (i)quick sort (ii)merge sort d) (i) merge sort (ii)quick sort
commented May 23, 2017 in Algorithms 114 views
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For finding longest common subsequence(LCS), standard sources mention that the recursive procedure consisting of the recursive tree occupies O(m+n) space( WITHOUT applying Dynamic Programming). I am unable to understand why is space occupied O(m+n)? Consider the tree of LCS(3,3). Won't the tree ... So, the value of2^ k = O(m+n) and hence, space should be k=log(m+n). What's wrong with my logic?
commented May 23, 2017 in Algorithms 645 views
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Three men - conveniently named A, B, and C - are fighting a duel with pistols. It's A's turn to shoot. The rules of this duel are rather peculiar: the duelists do not all shoot simultaneously, but instead take turns. A fires at B, B fires at C, and C fires at ... , but that B is a better shot, and hits with probability 0.75 - all shots are independent. What's the probability that A wins the duel?
commented May 23, 2017 in Probability 508 views
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Suppose that forwarding table are all established then, What will be the table for A immediately after the link A-E goes down? Is it that the distance to all other nodes is marked infinite? If it not so, then how the table for node A finally gets stabilized?
commented May 23, 2017 in Computer Networks 406 views
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In flow control, the timer used is started when the transmission of the packet starts or when the last bit of the packet is transmitted? Any questions in flow control related to the timer?
commented May 23, 2017 in Computer Networks 348 views
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If the length of IPv4 datagram is less than 46 bytes then padding bits are added to it as minimum length allowed in ethernet frame is 46 bytes. Question : At the receiver side, how to determine the length of actual data and padding? Any numericals related to it?
commented May 23, 2017 in Computer Networks 164 views
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The interval in which $f(x) = \cot^{-1}x + x$ increases, is (a) $R$ (b)$(0,\infty )$ (c)$R-[n-\pi]$ (d)None of these
commented May 22, 2017 in Calculus 268 views
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Qn. 68 Which of the data structure is suitable for implementing a buffer to file? (A) File (B) Linked List (C) Array (D) All of the above (E) None of the above
commented May 19, 2017 in DS 108 views