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Answers by Akriti sood

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What is the sum to infinity of the series, $3+6x^{2}+9x^{4}+12x^{6}+ \dots$ given $\left | x \right |<1$ $\frac{3}{(1+x^{2})}$ $\frac{3}{(1+x^{2})^{2}}$ $\frac{3}{(1-x^{2})^{2}}$ $\frac{3}{(1-x^{2})}$
answered Mar 19, 2017 in Numerical Ability 5.3k views
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A class is composed of 2 brothers and 6 other boys. In how many ways can all the boys be seated at a round table so that the two brothers are not seated together?
answered Mar 16, 2017 in Study Resources 367 views
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Assume that a fair six-sided die is rolled once. If the value on the die is 1, 2, or 3, the die is rolled a second time.So find the probability that the aggregate of total of values that turn up is at least 6?
answered Mar 15, 2017 in Probability 77 views
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Which of the following relation can decompose into BCNF with dependency preserving and lossless join decomposition. (i) R(ABCDE) {AB → C, C → AB, C → D, D → E} (ii) R(ABCDE) {AB → C, C → A, C → D, D → E} A) only i B) Only II C) Both D) Neither
answered Mar 8, 2017 in Databases 142 views
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In a class of 45 students, the mean mark of 25 girls is 32 and the mean mark of 20 boys is 27.5. What is the class mean? (a) 32 (b) 27.5 (c) 29.75 (d) 30
answered Mar 7, 2017 in Linear Algebra 124 views
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If the memory chip size is 256 x 1 bits, then the number of chips required to make up 1K bytes of memory is a) 32 b) 24 c) 12 d) 8
answered Mar 3, 2017 in CO and Architecture 677 views
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US portal Denominations are 1,10,21,34,70 , 100 and 350 . A) Make 140 Cents . Verify whether Greedy choice fails or not B) Make 182 Cents. Verify whether greedy choice fails or not. 1)Greedy fails in A 2) Greedy fails in B 3)Greedy does not fails in A 4)Greedy does not fails in B
answered Mar 3, 2017 in Algorithms 852 views
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You know that a certain letter is equally likely to be in any one of three different folders. Let αi be the probability that you will find your letter upon making a quick examination of folder i if the letter is, in fact, in folder i, i = 1, 2, 3. (We may have αi < 1.) Suppose you look in folder 1 and do not find the letter. What is the probability that the letter is in folder 1?
answered Feb 27, 2017 in Probability 703 views
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For all following questions we assume that: - Pipeline contains 5 stages: IF, ID, EX, M and W; - Each stage requires one clock cycle; - All memory references hit in cache; - Following program segment should be processed: LD R1, 0(R2) DADDI R1, R1, ... , R3, R2 BNEZ R4, Loop Calculate how many clock cycles will take execution of this segment on the simple pipeline without forwarding or bypassing ?
answered Jan 9, 2017 in CO and Architecture 437 views
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Consider the partial implementation of a 2-bit counter using T flip-flops following the sequence 0-2-3-1-0, as shown below.
answered Jan 5, 2017 in Digital Logic 188 views
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The number of min heap trees are possible with 15 elements such that every leaf node must be greater than all non-leaf nodes of the tree are ________.
answered Dec 23, 2016 in DS 322 views
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double foo(int n) { int i; double sum; if(n == 0) { return 1.0; } else { sum = 0.0; for(i = 0; i < n; i++) { sum += foo(i); } return sum; } } Q1] What is the running time complexity of the algorithm ? Q2] What is the change in running ... the values of foo(i) 0<i<n as and when they are computed . Please tell how the code will look like in first place Please explain in detail how to analyse it
answered Dec 22, 2016 in Algorithms 456 views
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can anyone define the procedure to find the common ancestor of any two given nodes in balanced BST..??
answered Dec 21, 2016 in DS 215 views
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If two cards are selected randomly from a pack of 52 cards then find the probability of first card being club and second card not being a queen?
answered Dec 11, 2016 in Probability 280 views
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How the processes are removed from the Semaphore suspended queue?Is it implementation dependent or is it FIFO always?If not FIFO then how starvation will be handled.I got this doubt while reading following paragraph from williams stallings Chapter -5[Concurrency] The question ... ?Says if I use Priority based/SJf..etc ,then it will neither be strong semaphore nor weak semaphore?# Please clarify
answered Dec 4, 2016 in Operating System 1.7k views
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Suppose that an operating system provides two functions, block_queue() which puts the calling process on the blocked queue, and wakeup_queue(P)which moves process P to the runnable queue if it is currently on the blocked queue (otherwise, its behaviour is ... } Which of the Following statement is true? it prints P0P1 alternatively always. It prints P1P0 alternatively always Deadlock possible None
answered Dec 4, 2016 in Operating System 280 views
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answered Dec 3, 2016 in Databases 223 views
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Let Gn = (Un, En) denote the graph with vertex Vn = {0, 1, 2, …, n – 1} and edge set En: En = {{i, j}: i + j = 1 mod n} where n ≥ 3. The number of components of Gn for n ≥ 3 ___ n 1
answered Nov 29, 2016 in Graph Theory 155 views
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Suppose Ethernet physical addresses are chosen at random (using true random bits). The probability that on a 1024-host network, two addresses will be the same is : 1.77 × 10–9 1.87 × 10–9 1.99 × 10–9 1.98 × 10–8
answered Oct 21, 2016 in Computer Networks 512 views
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1) dependency preservation 2)lossless join a)If a relation is in 3NF , which of the above points is guaranteed. b)If a relation is in BCNF , which of the above points is guaranteed [ I am confused  right now, can I say , if a relation is ... relations using a particular algorithm, then only  I can say that the decomposed relations is lossless/dependency preserving same goes for 3NF]. Please help!
answered Jun 24, 2016 in Databases 6.2k views