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Given below are two statements $1$ and $2$, and two conclusions $\text{I}$ and $\text{II}$ $\text{Statement 1:}$ All bacteria are microorganisms. $\text{Statement 2:}$ All pathogens are microorganisms. $\text{Conclusion I:}$ ... is correct Either conclusion $\text{I}$ or $\text{II}$ is correct Neither conclusion $\text{I}$ nor $\text{II}$ is correct
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If $\theta$ is the angle, in degrees, between the longest diagonal of the cube and any one of the edges of the cube, then, $\cos \theta =$ $\frac{1}{2} \\$ $\frac{1}{\sqrt{3}} \\$ $\frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} \\$ $\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}$
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​​​​​​If $\left( x – \dfrac{1}{2} \right)^2 – \left( x- \dfrac{3}{2} \right) ^2 = x+2$, then the value of $x$ is: $2$ $4$ $6$ $8$
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$\text{Pen : Write :: Knife :}$ _______ Which one of the following options maintains a similar logical relation in the above? Vegetables Sharp Cut Blunt
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Find the type of error produced by the following C code. main() { in/*comment t x; floa/*comment*/t gate; } Lexical error syntax error both a) and b) None of these
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A bag has $r$ red balls and $b$ black balls. All balls are identical except for their colours. In a trial, a ball is randomly drawn from the bag, its colour is noted and the ball is placed back into the bag along with another ball of the same colour. Note that the number of balls in the bag will ...
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If the numerical value of a $2$-byte unsigned integer on a little endian computer is $255$ more than that on a big endian computer, which of the following choices represent(s) the unsigned integer on a little endian computer? $0\text{x}6665$ $0\text{x} 0001$ $0\text{x} 4243$ $0\text{x} 0100$
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Consider the following $\text{ANSI C}$ code segment: z=x + 3 + y->f1 + y->f2; for (i = 0; i < 200; i = i + 2) { if (z > i) { p = p + x + 3; q = q + y->f1; } else { p = p + y->f2; q = q + x + 3; } } Assume that the variable $y$ points to ... the form $\textsf{ y ->f1}$ or $\textsf{y ->f2}$) in the optimized code, respectively, are: $403$ and $102$ $203$ and $2$ $303$ and $102$ $303$ and $2$
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Consider the following multi-threaded code segment (in a mix of C and pseudo-code), invoked by two processes $P_1$ and $P_2$, and each of the processes spawns two threads $T_1$ and $T_2$: int x = 0; // global Lock L1; // global main () { create a thread to execute foo( ... will print the value of $y$ as $2.$ Both $T_1$ and $T_2$, in both the processes, will print the value of $y$ as $1.$
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Which of the following is principal conjunctive normal form for $[(p\vee q)\wedge\ \neg p \rightarrow \neg q ]$ ? $p\ \vee \neg q$ $p \vee q $ $\neg p \vee q$ $\neg p\ \vee \neg q$
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There are $6$ jobs with distinct difficulty levels, and $3$ computers with distinct processing speeds. Each job is assigned to a computer such that: The fastest computer gets the toughest job and the slowest computer gets the easiest job. Every computer gets at least one job. The number of ways in which this can be done is ___________.
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Consider the sliding window flow-control protocol operating between a sender and a receiver over a full-duplex error-free link. Assume the following: The time taken for processing the data frame by the receiver is negligible. The time taken for processing the ... of the number of frames, (rounded to the nearest integer) needed to achieve a link utilization of $50\%$ is_____________.
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Which of the following standard $C$ library functions will always invoke a system call when executed from a single-threaded process in a $\text{UNIX/Linux}$ operating system? $\textsf{exit}$ $\textsf{malloc}$ $\textsf{sleep}$ $\textsf{strlen}$
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Consider the following recurrence relation. $T\left ( n \right )=\left\{\begin{array} {lcl} T(n/2)+T(2n/5)+7n & \text{if} \; n>0\\1 & \text{if}\; n=0 \end{array}\right.$ Which one of the following options is correct? $T(n)=\Theta (n^{5/2})$ $T(n)=\Theta (n\log n)$ $T(n)=\Theta (n)$ $T(n)=\Theta ((\log n)^{5/2})$
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In the context of operating systems, which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to paging? Paging helps solve the issue of external fragmentation Page size has no impact on internal fragmentation Paging incurs memory overheads Multi-level paging is necessary to support pages of different sizes
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​​​​​​Consider the following two statements about regular languages: $S_1$: Every infinite regular language contains an undecidable language as a subset. $S_2$: Every finite language is regular. Which one of the following choices is correct? Only $S_1$ is true Only $S_2$ is true Both $S_1$ and $S_2$ are true Neither $S_1$ nor $S_2$ is true
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A relation $r(A, B)$ in a relational database has $1200$ tuples. The attribute $A$ has integer values ranging from $6$ to $20$, and the attribute $B$ has integer values ranging from $1$ to $20$. Assume that the attributes $A$ and $B$ are independently distributed. The estimated number of tuples in the output of $\sigma _{(A>10)\vee(B=18)}(r)$ is ____________.
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A binary search tree $T$ contains $n$ distinct elements. What is the time complexity of picking an element in $T$ that is smaller than the maximum element in $T$? $\Theta(n\log n)$ $\Theta(n)$ $\Theta(\log n)$ $\Theta (1)$
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Consider the following statements. $S_1$: Every $\text{SLR(1)}$ grammar is unambiguous but there are certain unambiguous grammars that are not $\text{SLR(1)}$. $S_2$: For any context-free grammar, there is a parser that takes at most $O(n^3)$ time to parse a string of length $n$. ... $S_2$ is false $S_1$ is false and $S_2$ is true $S_1$ is true and $S_2$ is true $S_1$ is false and $S_2$ is false
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Some people suggest anti-obesity measures $\text{(AOM)}$ such as displaying calorie information in restaurant menus. Such measures sidestep addressing the core problems that cause obesity: poverty and income inequality. Which one of the following statements summarizes the ... $\text{AOM}$ are addressing the problem superficially
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$\begin{array}{|c|c|c|c|} \hline \textbf{Items} & \textbf{Cost} & \textbf{Profit %} & \textbf{Marked Price} \\ & (₹) & & (₹) \\\hline P &5,400 &---&5,860\\\hline Q&---&25&10,000\\\hline\end{array}$ Details of prices of two items $P$ and $Q$ are presented in ... $Q$, as a percentage of its marked price, is _______ $25$ $12.5$ $10$ $5$
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___________ is to surgery as writer is to ___________ Which one of the following options maintains a similar logical relation in the above sentence? Plan, outline Hospital, library Doctor, book Medicine, grammar
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A polygon is convex if, for every pair of points, $P$ and $Q$ belonging to the polygon, the line segment $\text{PQ}$ lies completely inside or on the polygon. Which one of the following is $\underline{\text{NOT}}$ a convex polygon?
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The ratio of boys to girls in a class is $7$ to $3$. Among the options below, an acceptable value for the total number of students in the class is: $21$ $37$ $50$ $73$
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Consider the two statements. $S_1$: There exist random variables $X$ and $Y$ such that $ \\ \left(\mathbb E[(X-\mathbb E(X))(Y-\mathbb E(Y))]\right)^2>\textsf{Var}[X]\textsf{Var}[Y]$ $S_2$: For all random variables $X$ ... ? Both $S_1$ and $S_2$ are true $S_1$ is true, but $S_2$ is false $S_1$ is false, but $S_2$ is true Both $S_1$ and $S_2$ are false
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Consider the following instruction sequence where registers $R1, R2$ and $R3$ are general purpose and $\text{MEMORY}[X]$ denotes the content at the memory location $X$ ... format. Assume that the memory is byte addressable. After the execution of the program, the content of memory location $3010$ is ____________
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Consider a set-associative cache of size $\text{2KB (1KB} =2^{10}$ bytes$\text{)}$ with cache block size of $64$ bytes. Assume that the cache is byte-addressable and a $32$ -bit address is used for accessing the cache. If the width of the tag field is $22$ bits, the associativity of the cache is _________
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​​​Gauri said that she can play the keyboard __________ her sister. as well as as better as as nicest as as worse as
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​​​​​ A transparent square sheet shown above is folded along the dotted line. The folded sheet will look like ___________.
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