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Answers by Arjun

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In the context of operating systems, which of the following statements is/are correct with respect to paging? Paging helps solve the issue of external fragmentation Page size has no impact on internal fragmentation Paging incurs memory overheads Multi-level paging is necessary to support pages of different sizes
answered Jun 13 in Operating System 1.7k views
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Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct in the context of $\text{CPU}$ scheduling? Turnaround time includes waiting time The goal is to only maximize $\text{CPU}$ utilization and minimize throughput Round-robin policy can be used even when the $\text{CPU}$ time required by each of the processes is not known apriori Implementing preemptive scheduling needs hardware support
answered Jun 13 in Operating System 1.3k views
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Assume a two-level inclusive cache hierarchy, $L1$ and $L2$, where $L2$ is the larger of the two. Consider the following statements. $S_1$: Read misses in a write through $L1$ cache do not result in writebacks of dirty lines to the $L2$ $S_2$: Write allocate policy must be ... $S_2$ is false $S_1$ is false and $S_2$ is true $S_1$ is true and $S_2$ is true $S_1$ is false and $S_2$ is false
answered Jun 13 in CO and Architecture 960 views
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Consider a computer system with multiple shared resource types, with one instance per resource type. Each instance can be owned by only one process at a time. Owning and freeing of resources are done by holding a global lock $(L)$. The following scheme ... deadlocks will not occur The scheme may lead to live-lock The scheme may lead to starvation The scheme violates the mutual exclusion property
answered Jun 13 in Operating System 1.1k views
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The below figure shows a $B^+$ tree where only key values are indicated in the records. Each block can hold upto three records. A record with a key value $34$ is inserted into the $B^+$ tree. Obtain the modified $B^+$ tree after insertion.
answered Jun 12 in Databases 4.8k views
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Which one of the following statements about normal forms is $\text{FALSE}?$ $\text{BCNF}$ is stricter than $\text{3NF}$ Lossless, dependency-preserving decomposition into $\text{3NF}$ is always possible Lossless, dependency-preserving decomposition into $\text{BCNF}$ is always possible Any relation with two attributes is in $\text{BCNF}$
answered Jun 12 in Databases 8.5k views
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Delayed branching can help in the handling of control hazards The following code is to run on a pipelined processor with one branch delay slot: I1: ADD $R2 \leftarrow R7 + R8$ I2: Sub $R4 \leftarrow R5 – R6$ I3: ADD $R1 \leftarrow R2 + R3$ I4: STORE ... Which of the instructions I1, I2, I3 or I4 can legitimately occupy the delay slot without any program modification? I1 I2 I3 I4
answered Jun 4 in CO and Architecture 7.9k views
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For a Turing machine $M$, $\langle M \rangle$ denotes an encoding of $M$ ... and $L_2$ are decidable $L_1$ is decidable and $L_2$ is undecidable $L_1$ is undecidable and $L_2$ is decidable Both $L_1$ and $L_2$ are undecidable
answered May 31 in Theory of Computation 979 views
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Which of the following languages are undecidable? Note that $\left \langle M \right \rangle$ indicates encoding of the Turing machine M. $L_1 = \{\left \langle M \right \rangle \mid L(M) = \varnothing \}$ ... $ members}\}$ $L_1$, $L_3$, and $L_4$ only $L_1$ and $L_3$ only $L_2$ and $L_3$ only $L_2$, $L_3$, and $L_4$ only
answered May 31 in Theory of Computation 5.2k views
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For a statement $S$ in a program, in the context of liveness analysis, the following sets are defined: $\text{USE}(S)$ : the set of variables used in $S$ $\text{IN}(S)$ : the set of variables that are live at the entry of $S$ $\text{OUT}(S)$ : the set of variables that are live at the ... $) }\cup \text{ OUT ($S_2$)}$ $\text{OUT ($S_1$)} = \text{USE ($S_1$)} \cup \text{IN ($S_2$)}$
answered May 30 in Compiler Design 617 views
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Consider the following $\text{ANSI C}$ program: #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> struct Node{ int value; struct Node *next;}; int main( ) { struct Node *boxE, *head, *boxN; int index=0; boxE=head= (struct Node *) malloc(sizeof(struct Node)) ... $\textsf{return}$ which will be reported as an error by the compiler It dereferences an uninitialized pointer that may result in a run-time error
answered May 30 in Programming 1.3k views
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A queue is implemented using an array such that ENQUEUE and DEQUEUE operations are performed efficiently. Which one of the following statements is CORRECT ($n$ refers to the number of items in the queue) ? Both operations can be performed in $O(1)$ time. At most one ... complexity for both operations will be $\Omega (n)$. Worst case time complexity for both operations will be $\Omega (\log n)$
answered May 15 in DS 13.7k views
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Given the programming constructs assignment for loops where the loop parameter cannot be changed within the loop if-then-else forward go to arbitrary go to non-recursive procedure call recursive procedure/function call repeat loop, which constructs will you not include in a programming language such that it should be ... $\text{(vi), (vii), (viii)}$ $\text{(iii), (vii), (viii)}$
answered May 15 in Programming 4.4k views
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Consider a list of recursive algorithms and a list of recurrence relations as shown below. Each recurrence relation corresponds to exactly one algorithm and is used to derive the time complexity of the algorithm. ... $\text{P-III, Q-II, R-IV, S-I}$ $\text{P-IV, Q-II, R-I, S-III}$
answered May 4 in Algorithms 2.8k views
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The total external path length, $\text{EPL},$ of a binary tree with $n$ external nodes is, $\text{EPL}= \displaystyle \sum_{w} I_w$, where $I_{w}$ is the path length of external node $w$), $\leq n^{2}$ always. $\geq n \log_{2} n$ always. Equal to $n^{2}$ always. $O(n)$ for some special trees.
answered May 4 in DS 2.3k views
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State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons for your answer: A two pass assembler uses its machine opcode table in the first pass of assembly.
answered May 4 in Compiler Design 310 views
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The dawn of the $21$st century witnessed the melting glaciers oscillating between giving too much and too little to billions of people who depend on them for fresh water. The UN climate report estimates that without deep cuts to man-made emissions, at ... water to billions of people. Billions of people are responsible for man-made emissions. Billions of people are affected by melting glaciers.
answered Apr 16 in Verbal Aptitude 2k views
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Given below are two statements $1$ and $2$, and two conclusions $\text{I}$ and $\text{II}$ $\text{Statement 1:}$ All bacteria are microorganisms. $\text{Statement 2:}$ All pathogens are microorganisms. $\text{Conclusion I:}$ ... is correct Either conclusion $\text{I}$ or $\text{II}$ is correct Neither conclusion $\text{I}$ nor $\text{II}$ is correct
answered Apr 16 in Analytical Aptitude 5.7k views
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Indicate which of the following statements are true: A relational database which is in $3$NF may still have undesirable data redundancy because there may exist: Transitive functional dependencies Non-trivial functional dependencies involving prime ... functional dependencies involving prime attributes only on the left-side. Non-trivial functional dependencies involving only prime attributes.
answered Apr 14 in Databases 4.2k views
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The author said, "Musicians rehearse before their concerts. Actors rehearse their roles before the opening of a new play. On the other hand, I find it strange that many public speakers think they can just walk onto the stage and start speaking. In my ... is more important only for musicians than public speakers The author is of the opinion that rehearsal is more important for actors than musicians
answered Apr 11 in Verbal Aptitude 78 views