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Question: $T(1)=1$ $T(n) = 2 T(n - 1) + n$ evaluates to? Can anyone solve it by substitution method? Given answer $T(n) = 2^{n+1} - (n+2)$ How?
commented May 26, 2019 in Algorithms 4.6k views
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Consider a cache as follows: Direct mapped 8 words total cache data size 2 words block size A sequence of eight memory read is performed in the order shown from the following addresses: 0 , 11 , 4 , 14 , 9 , 1 , 8 , 0 Calculate No. of misses No of compulsory misses No. of conflict misses No. of capacity misses
commented Apr 27, 2019 in CO and Architecture 2.8k views
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There are $4$ women $P, Q, R, S$ and $5$ men $V, W, X, Y, Z$ in a group. We are required to form pairs each consisting of one woman and one man. $P$ is not to be paired with $Z$, and $Y$ must necessarily be paired with someone. In how many ways can $4$ such pairs be formed? $74$ $76$ $78$ $80$
answered Apr 10, 2019 in Quantitative Aptitude 2.2k views
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Consider a sequence of $14$ elements: $A=[-5, -10, 6, 3, -1, -2, 13, 4, -9, -1, 4, 12, -3, 0]$. The sequence sum $S(i,j) = \Sigma_{k=i}^j A[k]$. Determine the maximum of $S(i,j)$, where $0 \leq i \leq j <14$. (Divide and conquer approach may be used.) Answer: ___________
commented Feb 7, 2019 in Algorithms 8.3k views
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I'm facing a problem these days, the question is saying the following: " Imagine we are having an array of positive integers called (a) and a variable called (k). Among this integers, we are looking for two numbers such that the sum of these two would be the (k). we ... ----- numbers: 6,2 in this case what would be the designing of the algorithm? Thank you all for your efforts, they worth a lot!
answered Feb 4, 2019 in Study Resources 174 views
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Which of the following statements is/are not correct? (P) The class of all Turing Machines is countably infinite (Q) The class of all DCFL's is countably infinite (R) The class of all formal languages is uncountably infinite (S) The set of all primes is countably infinite Only R Only R and S All are incorrect except P None of the above
comment edited Feb 2, 2019 in Theory of Computation 564 views
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An unbalanced dice (with $6$ faces, numbered from $1$ to $6$) is thrown. The probability that the face value is odd is $90\%$ of the probability that the face value is even. The probability of getting any even numbered face is the same. If the probability that the face is ... one of the following options is closest to the probability that the face value exceeds $3$? $0.453$ $0.468$ $0.485$ $0.492$
commented Jan 29, 2019 in Probability 7.8k views
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A computer uses $46-bit$ virtual address, $32-bit$ physical address, and a three-level paged page table organization. The page table base register stores the base address of the first-level table $(T1)$, which occupies exactly one page. Each entry of $T1$ stores the base address of a page of ... cache block size is $64$ bytes. What is the size of a page in $KB$ in this computer? $2$ $4$ $8$ $16$
commented Jan 19, 2019 in Operating System 24.1k views
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Arun, Gulab, Neel and Shweta must choose one shirt each from a pile of four shirts coloured red, pink, blue and white respectively. Arun dislikes the colour red and Shweta dislikes the colour white. Gulab and Neel like all the colours. In how many different ways can they choose the shirts so that no one has a shirt with a colour he or she dislikes? $21$ $18$ $16$ $14$
commented Jan 15, 2019 in Quantitative Aptitude 6.3k views
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How does LOOK algorithm decides that this is the last request? What technique is used to determine that after this request, instead of going to the end of disk, the direction should be changed?
commented Dec 7, 2018 in Operating System 355 views
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Q- Which one of following languages is inherently ambiguous? (A) The set of all strings of the form $\left\{a^nb^n,n>0 \right\}$ (B) $\left\{a^nb^nc^md^m,n,m>0 \right\}$ (C) $\left\{a^nb^nc^md^m,n,m>0 \right\}\;\cup \;\left\{a^nb^mc^md^n,n,m>0 \right\}$ (D) Both (B) and (C) Plz explain.. ..........Is there any criteria on the basis of which we could identify inherently ambiguous grammar
commented Nov 25, 2018 in Theory of Computation 8.8k views
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Consider a single level cache with an access time of 2.5ns, a line of 64B and a hit ratio of 0.95. Main memory uses a block transfer capability that has a first word i.e. 4B access time of 50ns and after that 5ns for each word access. If cache waits until block is copied from MM to the cache and then access from cache,the access time is________(in ns) (upto 3 decimal places)
commented Nov 12, 2018 in CO and Architecture 173 views