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Meena is working in an IT company as HR manager. She has a large list of potential candidates to be recruited which are all sorted by their names. But she found that due to a bug in software 'O' was treated as '0' by the input reader and hence ... list is not correct. What would be the appropriate algorithm to correct the list of candidate profiles? Quick Sort Heap Sort Insertion Sort Merge Sort
commented Jan 5 in Programming 258 views
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Let $R_1$ and $R_2$ be two equivalence relations on a set. Consider the following assertions: $R_1 \cup R_2$ is an equivalence relation $R_1 \cap R_2$ is an equivalence relation Which of the following is correct? Both assertions are true Assertions (i) is true but assertions (ii) is not true Assertions (ii) is true but assertions (i) is not true Neither (i) nor (ii) is true
commented Jul 1, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 3.7k views
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Let the page reference and the working set window be $c\ c\ d\ b\ c\ e\ c\ e\ a\ d\ $ and $4$, respectively. The initial working set at time $t=0$ contains the pages $\{a,d,e\}$, where $a$ was referenced at time $t=0$, $d$ was ... $t=-2$. Determine the total number of page faults and the average number of page frames used by computing the working set at each reference.
commented Feb 20, 2019 in Operating System 3.7k views
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A playoff between two teams consists of atmost five games.The first team that wins three games wins the playoff.In how many different ways can the playoff occur?
commented Feb 16, 2019 in Unknown Category 696 views
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Consider the following solution to the producer-consumer problem using a buffer of size 1. Assume that the initial value of count is 0. Also assume that the testing of count and assignment to count are atomic operations. Producer: Repeat Produce an item; if count = ... Producer); Consume item; Forever; Show that in this solution it is possible that both the processes are sleeping at the same time.
commented Feb 9, 2019 in Operating System 785 views
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Suppose that there are 9 faculty members in the mathematics department and 11 in the computer science department. How many ways are there to select a committee to develop a discrete mathematics course at a school if the committee is to consist of three faculty members from the ... where to use Sum rule. How to decide on Product rule or Sum rule? Please use some basic example for both the cases.
answered Feb 7, 2019 in Mathematical Logic 504 views
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Ten friends planned to share equally the cost of buying a gift for their teacher. When two of them decided not to contribute, each of the other friends had to pay Rs. $150$ more. The cost of the gift was Rs. ____ $666$ $3000$ $6000$ $12000$
answered Feb 3, 2019 in Numerical Ability 3.4k views
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In how many ways 20 two rupees coins can be distributed among 4 children? Answer – 1771
commented Feb 3, 2019 in Combinatory 109 views
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which of the following cause starvation? a->FCFS b->SJF c->RR d->priority
commented Feb 1, 2019 in Operating System 55 views
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answered Sep 7, 2018 in Mathematical Logic 68 views
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commented Sep 6, 2018 in Mathematical Logic 211 views