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Wall for Habibkhan

thanks a lot.
can you pls check my comment on this question
Dec 7, 2016 by Akriti sood
There is no relation as such between deadlock and bounded wait..
However starvation is related to bounded wait..
Dec 6, 2016 by Habibkhan
does deadlcok imply violation of bounded waiting??
Dec 6, 2016 by Akriti sood
Hi,can you pls confirm its answer>and also my explanantion..
Dec 4, 2016 by Akriti sood
can you confirm its answer?dun we need seperate table for A.B,C??
Dec 3, 2016 by Akriti sood
please help me with one.i am not getting the logic to find coefficient of x^12 here
Nov 30, 2016 by Akriti sood
@Uddipto , I am actually reading this topic now.Will let u know on completion..:)
Nov 29, 2016 by Habibkhan
bondu,,eita ektu dekho
 please answer my comment asap.,,in big dilemma​ect-mapping-and-types-of-misses
Nov 29, 2016 by Aboveallplayer
Can you please answer this question:
Nov 29, 2016 by Purple
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