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A RAM chip has $7$ address lines, $8$ data lines and $2$ chips select lines. Then the number of memory locations is __________ $2^{12}$ $2^{10}$ $2^{19}$ $2^{13}$
commented Jan 20, 2018 in CO and Architecture 732 views
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Let G be a grammar in CFG and Let W1 and W2 is element of G such that |w1| = |w2| then which of the following is true? A. Any derivation of W1 has exactly the same number of steps as any derivation of W2 B. Different derivation have different length C.Some derivation of W1 may be shorter that derivation of W2 D. None of the options
commented Jan 12, 2018 in Theory of Computation 1.8k views
5 answers
A computer system supports $32$-bit virtual addresses as well as $32$-bit physical addresses. Since the virtual address space is of the same size as the physical address space, the operating system designers decide to get rid of the virtual memory entirely. ... can be made more efficient now Hardware support for memory management is no longer needed CPU scheduling can be made more efficient now
commented Dec 7, 2017 in Operating System 13.2k views
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J1: R1 = 100 J2: R1 = R2 + R4 J3: R2 = R4 + 25 J4: R4 = R1 + R3 J5: R1 = R1 + 30 Give the no of RAW, WAR and WAW hazards
commented Dec 4, 2017 in CO and Architecture 969 views