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Tanenbaum connection establishment
asked Oct 4, 2014 in Computer Networks 299 views
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1 answer
What is the intial pc value meaning 530=Pc + value what should be the pc value 631 or 632 or 633 basically the instruction length is not give so how can i determine the addr loaded in pc hen instructtion at 630 is executing because if instruction length is 4 bytes it should be 634 thanks in advance
commented Sep 23, 2014 in CO and Architecture 2k views
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asked Sep 15, 2014 in CO and Architecture 1.1k views
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Cycle steal mode
asked Sep 13, 2014 in CO and Architecture 461 views
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in microprogrammed cu every computer instruction has its own microprogammed routine in control memory (mano ) Does this mean than every m/c instruction would have its own implementation of fetch routine loaded ?
asked Sep 9, 2014 in CO and Architecture 293 views
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add \$so,\$to,\$t1 sub \$t2,\$S0,\$t3 Num of stall cyles i am getting 2 stall but the books says 3 1.No data data forwarding 2.Write to register file in first half and read from second half in clock cycle my timing dig goes like this add IF ID EX MEM WB NOP NOP IF ID EXE .....
commented Sep 6, 2014 in CO and Architecture 738 views
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Consider an instruction pipeline with five stages without any branch prediction: Fetch Instruction (FI), Decode Instruction (DI), Fetch Operand (FO), Execute Instruction (EI) and Write Operand (WO). The stage delays for FI, DI, FO, EI and WO are ... is taken during the execution of this program, the time (in ns) needed to complete the program is $132$ $165$ $176$ $328$
asked Sep 6, 2014 in CO and Architecture 24.8k views
1 answer
Simple linear search to find max min algo maxmin(a,n,max,min) { max=min=a[1]; for i=2 to n do { if a[i]>max then max:=a[i]; else if a[i]<min then min:=a[i]; } } 1.Average case complexity of the above algo given that the first if conditions fails for n/2 elements 2.Average case complexity of the above algo if the first condition fails 1/2 times plz xplain
asked Aug 26, 2014 in Algorithms 511 views