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The ALU, the bus and all the registers in the data path are of identical size. All operations including incrementation of the PC and the GPRs are to be carried out in the ALU. Two clock cycles are needed for memory read operation - the first one for loading address in the MAR ... $2$ $3$ $4$ $5$
commented Aug 12, 2020 in CO and Architecture 12.3k views
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Given below is a program which when executed spawns two concurrent processes : semaphore $X : = 0 ;$ /* Process now forks into concurrent processes $P1$ & $P2$ */ $\begin{array}{|l|l|}\hline \text{$P1$} & \text{$P2$} \\\hline \text{repeat forever } & \text{repeat forever} \\ \text{$V ... (I) and (II) are true. (I) is true but (II) is false. (II) is true but (I) is false Both (I) and (II) are false
commented May 20, 2019 in Operating System 11.3k views
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A concurrent system consists of $3$ processes using a shared resource $R$ in a non-preemptible and mutually exclusive manner. The processes have unique priorities in the range $1 \dots 3$, $3$ being the highest priority. It is required to synchronize the processes such ... priority]:=true; else begin V(proceed [priority]); busy:=true; end V(mutex) Give the pseudo code for the procedure release_R.
answered May 20, 2019 in Operating System 875 views
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True/False : 1)Several threads can share same physical address space. 2)Several threads can share same virtual address space.
answered May 9, 2019 in Operating System 715 views
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The flag field contains 6 bits. The ACK bit is used to indicate that the value carried in the acknowledgment field is valid; that is, the segment contains an acknowledgment for a segment that has been successfully received. The RST, SYN, and FIN bits are used for ... pointer gives the last byte of the data, but why about the starting byte of the urgent data??Why is this field not present??
answered Apr 10, 2019 in Computer Networks 97 views
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Consider the operations defined as f(X, Y, Z) = X'YZ + XY' + Y'Z' and g(X′, Y, Z) = X′YZ + X′YZ′ + XY . Iam following this method, A function is said to be complete if it can implement Complementation and OR logic / Complementation and AND logic. For function f(X,Y ... ans is X as X is complement of X', hence this is functionally incomplete). How to prove OR / AND logic is possible for f(X,Y,Z)?
answered Sep 2, 2018 in Digital Logic 2k views