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Consider a CPU where all the instructions require 6 clock cycles to complete their execution.Under the instruction set there are 215 instructions and a total of 125 control signalsare needed to be generated by the control unit.While designing the horizontal ... address field format is used for branch control logic.What is thhe minimum size of control word and control address register
commented Mar 29 in CO and Architecture 4.3k views
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In a computer system, four files of size $11050$ bytes, $4990$ bytes, $5170$ bytes and $12640$ bytes need to be stored. For storing these files on disk, we can use either $100$ byte disk blocks or $200$ byte disk blocks (but can't mix block sizes). For each ... $35400$ and $35800$ bytes $35800$ and $35400$ bytes $35600$ and $35400$ bytes $35400$ and $35600$ bytes
commented Jan 7 in Operating System 2.4k views
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Consider the sequence of machine instruction given below: ... processor uses operand forwarding from the PO stage to the OF stage. The number of clock cycles taken for the execution of the above sequence of instruction is _________.
commented Nov 20, 2019 in CO and Architecture 11.6k views
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A $5-$stage pipelined processor has Instruction Fetch (IF), Instruction Decode (ID), Operand Fetch (OF), Perform Operation (PO) and Write Operand (WO) stages. The IF, ID, OF and WO stages take $1$ clock cycle each for any instruction. The PO stage takes $1$ clock cycle for ADD and SUB instructions, ... $13$ $15$ $17$ $19$
commented Nov 20, 2019 in CO and Architecture 9.1k views
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Let $G$ be any connected, weighted, undirected graph. $G$ has a unique minimum spanning tree, if no two edges of $G$ have the same weight. $G$ has a unique minimum spanning tree, if, for every cut of $G$, there is a unique minimum-weight edge crossing the cut. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE? I only II only Both I and II Neither I nor II
commented Sep 10, 2019 in Graph Theory 5.9k views
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Consider the following languages: $\{a^mb^nc^pd^q \mid m+p=n+q, \text{ where } m, n, p, q \geq 0 \}$ $\{a^mb^nc^pd^q \mid m=n \text{ and }p=q, \text{ where } m, n, p, q \geq 0 \}$ ... Which of the above languages are context-free? I and IV only I and II only II and III only II and IV only
commented Aug 13, 2019 in Theory of Computation 6.7k views
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How will the compiler detect whether "if" is a keyword or an identifier? Please tell me the concept behind this.
asked Nov 7, 2018 in Compiler Design 377 views
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Consider 2 problems X & Y. Now if X is reducible to Y.What does this mean.please explain with an example.
asked Oct 30, 2018 in Theory of Computation 105 views
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Consider a machine with byte addressable memory 32 bits virtual addresses, 32 bits physical addresses and 4 KB page size. If a two-level page table system is used where each page table occupies one page and page table entries of 4 B each. How to calculate the size of 1st level page table & 2nd level page table(s) ? Also how to calculate memory overhead?
asked Oct 22, 2018 in Operating System 1k views
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Why do we need multilevel paging? According to me the reason is that page table needs contiguous memory allocation.So if page table size is too large, we may not be able to store the table in contiguous memory. So is this the reason behind multilevel paging? Also when we page the page table, do we store all levels page table in memory or only the outer level page table?
commented Oct 17, 2018 in Operating System 128 views