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Answers by Madhav

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At a room temperature of $300K$, calculate the thermal noise generated by two resistors of $10K\Omega$ and $20K\Omega$ when the bandwidth is $10KHz$. $1.2868\times10^{-6}V, 1.819\times10^{-6}V$ $6.08\times10^{-6}V, 15.77\times10^{-6}V$ $16.66\times10^{-6}V, 2.356\times10^{-6}V$ $1.66\times10^{-6}V, 0.23\times10^{-6}V$
answered Oct 4, 2020 in Digital Signal Processing 173 views
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Which of the following statements is/are true? P : An XML document with correct syntax as specified by W3C is called Well Formed . Q : An XML documented validated against a DTD is both Well formed and valid . R : <xml version= 1.0 encoding = UTF-8 > is syntactly ... document. Select the correct answer from the options given below: P and Q only P and R only Q and R only All of P, Q and R
answered Sep 26, 2020 in Web Technologies 830 views
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Consider the Boolean function $z(a,b,c)$. Which one of the following minterm lists represents the circuit given above? $z=\sum (0,1,3,7)$ $z=\sum (1,4,5,6,7)$ $z=\sum (2,4,5,6,7)$ $z=\sum (2,3,5)$
answered Sep 6, 2020 in Digital Logic 2.3k views
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The figure below shows an annular ring with outer and inner as $b$ and $a$, respectively. The annular space has been painted in the form of blue colour circles touching the outer and inner periphery of annular space. If maximum $n$ ... $\pi [(b^{2}-a^{2})+n(b-a)^{2}]$
answered Feb 12, 2020 in Verbal Aptitude 1.9k views
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Consider two hosts $X$ and $Y$, connected by a single direct link of rate $10^6 \hspace{0.1cm} bits/sec$. The distance between the two hosts is $10,000 \hspace{0.1cm} km$ and the propagation speed along the link is $2 \times 10^8 \hspace{0.1cm} m/sec$. Host $X$ ... value of $p$ and $q$ are $p=50$ and $q=100$ $p=50$ and $q=400$ $p=100$ and $q=50$ $p=400$ and $q=50$
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Computer Networks 4k views
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$X$ is a $30$ digit number starting with the digit $4$ followed by the digit $7$. Then the number $X^3$ will have $90$ digits $91$ digits $92$ digits $93$ digits
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Quantitative Aptitude 5.9k views
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A test has twenty questions worth $100$ marks in total. There are two types of questions. Multiple choice questions are worth $3$ marks each and essay questions are worth $11$ marks each. How many multiple choice questions does the exam have? $12$ $15$ $18$ $19$
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Quantitative Aptitude 2.9k views
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A system shares $9$ ... of the following best describes current state of the system? Safe, Deadlocked Safe, Not Deadlocked Not Safe, Deadlocked Not Safe, Not Deadlocked
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Operating System 6.7k views
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The representation of the value of a $16-bit$ unsigned integer $X$ in hexadecimal number system is $BCA9$. The representation of the value of $X$ in octal number system is $571244$ $736251$ $571247$ $136251$
answered Feb 14, 2017 in Digital Logic 3.7k views
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If a CPU gets mostly I/O bound processes,then what is the best scheduling algorithm? a)round robin b)shortest recovery line c)priority d)Multi level feedback
answered Dec 16, 2016 in Operating System 198 views