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If possible , plz explain with state diagram..
commented Feb 2, 2018 in Theory of Computation 124 views
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Plz explain ? How to solve such que. As I have solved this type of que earlier but when I am doing revision I am not able to do it. So plz provide some good explanation..
commented Feb 1, 2018 in Mathematical Logic 138 views
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Plz explain ??
commented Feb 1, 2018 in Graph Theory 117 views
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my doubt is why 14 has been subtracted ??
commented Feb 1, 2018 in Graph Theory 80 views
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hello.everyone i am preparing for gate 2018 and i am getting around 45 marks and rank is around 500 to 800 in test series(made easy ) . in two three full test mi rank was 250 also. but i am unable to cross 50marks ...i am obc student . is there any chance for me to iit...plz advice me
commented Jan 30, 2018 in Others 338 views
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Consider the system, each consisting of $m$ linear equations in $n$ variables. If $m < n$, then all such systems have a solution. If $m > n$, then none of these systems has a solution. If $m = n$, then there exists a system which has a solution. Which one of the following is CORRECT? $I, II$ and $III$ are true. Only $II$ and $III$ are true. Only $III$ is true. None of them is true.
answered Jan 24, 2018 in Linear Algebra 7.2k views
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Let $f: A \to B$ be a function and $S$ and $T$ be subsets of $B$. Consider the following statements about image (range) : $S1:\quad f^{-1}(S \cup T) = f^{-1}(S) \cup f^{-1}(T)$ $S2:\quad f^{-1}(S \cap T) = f^{-1}(S) \cap f^{-1}(T)$ Which of the following is correct? A) only S1 is true B) only S2 is true C) Both S1 and S2 is true D) Neither S1 nor S2 is true
commented Jan 15, 2018 in Set Theory & Algebra 221 views
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Check whether this grammar is LL(1) or not?
answered Jan 5, 2018 in Compiler Design 272 views
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A file system uses an in-memory cache to cache disk blocks. The miss rate of the cache is shown in the figure. The latency to read a block from the cache is $1$ ms and to read a block from the disk is $10$ ms. Assume that the cost of checking whether a ... sizes are in multiples of $10$ MB. The smallest cache size required to ensure an average read latency of less than $6$ ms is _________ MB.
commented Jan 4, 2018 in CO and Architecture 7.6k views
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At what time between $6$ a. m. and $7$ a. m. will the minute hand and hour hand of a clock make an angle closest to $60°$? $6: 22$ a.m. $6: 27$ a.m. $6: 38$ a.m. $6: 45$ a.m.
commented Dec 27, 2017 in Quantitative Aptitude 5.1k views
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Which of following statement is true ? S1. Any boolean function can be realized using decoder s2. One multiplexer can realize 1 function at a time a) S1 is true b) S2 is true 3) Both are true d) none of them
commented Dec 8, 2017 in Digital Logic 704 views
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How many 4*1 mux required to implement 8*1 Mux ?
answered Dec 7, 2017 in Digital Logic 527 views
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Which one of these first-order logic formulae is valid? $\forall x\left(P\left(x\right) \implies Q\left(x\right)\right) \implies \left(∀xP\left(x\right)\implies \forall xQ\left(x\right)\right)$ ... $\forall x \exists y P\left(x, y\right)\implies \exists y \forall x P\left(x, y\right)$
commented Dec 2, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 4.9k views
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Suppose $U$ is the power set of the set $S = \{1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6\}$. For any $T \in U$, let $|T|$ denote the number of elements in $T$ and $T'$ denote the complement of $T$. For any $T, R \in U \text{ let } T \backslash R$ be the set of all elements in $T$ which are not in ... $X \backslash Y = \phi)$ $\forall X \in U, \forall Y \in U, (X \backslash Y = Y' \backslash X')$
commented Dec 1, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 5.9k views
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Which one of the following well-formed formulae is a tautology? $\forall x \, \exists y \, R(x,y) \, \leftrightarrow \, \exists y \, \forall x \, R(x, y)$ $( \forall x \, [\exists y \, R(x,y) \, \rightarrow \, S(x, y)]) \, \rightarrow \, \forall x \, \exists y \, S(x, y)$ ... $\forall x \, \forall y \, P(x,y) \, \rightarrow \, \forall x \, \forall y \, P(y, x)$
commented Dec 1, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 9.1k views
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Let $a, b, c, d$ be propositions. Assume that the equivalence $a ⇔ ( b \vee \neg b)$ and $b ⇔c$ hold. Then the truth-value of the formula $(a ∧ b) → (a ∧ c) ∨ d$ is always True False Same as the truth-value of $b$ Same as the truth-value of $d$
commented Nov 30, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 5.7k views
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Consider the following logic program P $\begin{align*} A(x) &\gets B(x,y), C(y) \\ &\gets B(x,x) \end{align*}$ Which of the following first order sentences is equivalent to P? $(\forall x) [(\exists y) [B(x,y) \land C(y)] \Rightarrow A(x)] \land \neg (\exists x)[B(x,x)]$ ... $(\forall x) [(\forall y) [B(x,y) \land C(y)] \Rightarrow A(x)] \land (\exists x)[B(x,x)]$
commented Nov 30, 2017 in Programming 2.2k views
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Which of the following is a valid first order formula? (Here \(\alpha\) and \(\beta\) are first order formulae with $x$ as their only free variable) $((∀x)[α] ⇒ (∀x)[β]) ⇒ (∀x)[α ⇒ β]$ $(∀x)[α] ⇒ (∃x)[α ∧ β]$ $((∀x)[α ∨ β] ⇒ (∃x)[α]) ⇒ (∀x)[α]$ $(∀x)[α ⇒ β] ⇒ (((∀x)[α]) ⇒ (∀x)[β])$
commented Nov 30, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 9.4k views
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Let $W(n) $ and $A(n)$ denote respectively, the worst case and average case running time of an algorithm executed on an input of size $n$. Which of the following is ALWAYS TRUE? $A(n) = \Omega (W(n))$ $A(n) = \Theta (W(n))$ $A(n) = \text{O} (W(n))$ $A(n) = \text{o} (W(n))$
answered Nov 27, 2017 in Algorithms 6.9k views
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What is the best sorting algorithm to use for the elements in array are more than 1 million in general? A Merge sort. B Bubble sort. C Quick sort. D Insertion sort. Ans:C Source: You ... sort Ans: B Source: Kindly explain on why the answers are different?
commented Nov 27, 2017 in Algorithms 2.1k views
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In a modified merge sort, the input array is splitted at a position one-third of the length(N) of the array. What is the worst case time complexity of this merge sort? A N(logN base 3) B N(logN base 2/3) C N(logN base 1/3) D N(logN base 3/2)
commented Nov 26, 2017 in Algorithms 1.6k views
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In a bottom-up evaluation of a syntax directed definition, inherited attributes can always be evaluated be evaluated only if the definition is L-attributed be evaluated only if the definition has synthesized attributes never be evaluated
commented Nov 23, 2017 in Compiler Design 19k views
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A weight-balanced tree is a binary tree in which for each node, the number of nodes in the left sub tree is at least half and at most twice the number of nodes in the right sub tree. The maximum possible height (number of nodes on the path from the root to the furthest leaf) of such a tree ... described by which of the following? $\log_2 n$ $\log_{\frac{4}{3}} n$ $\log_3 n$ $\log_{\frac{3}{2}} n$
commented Nov 19, 2017 in DS 12.9k views
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Define languages $L_0$ and $L_1$ as follows : $L_0 = \{\langle M, w, 0 \rangle \mid M \text{ halts on }w\} $ $L_1 = \{\langle M, w, 1 \rangle \mid M \text{ does not halts on }w\}$ Here $\langle M, w, i \rangle$ is a triplet, whose first component $M$ ... but $L'$ is not $L'$ is recursively enumerable, but $ L$ is not Both $L$ and $L'$ are recursive Neither $L$ nor $L'$ is recursively enumerable
commented Nov 18, 2017 in Theory of Computation 11.6k views
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Consider the set of strings on $\{0,1\}$ in which, every substring of $3$ symbols has at most two zeros. For example, $001110$ and $011001$ are in the language, but $100010$ is not. All strings of length less than $3$ are also in the language. A partially completed DFA that accepts this ...
commented Nov 10, 2017 in Theory of Computation 6.7k views
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Suppose two hosts use a TCP connection to transfer a large file . Which of the following statements is/are FALSE with respect to the TCP connection? If the sequence number of a segment is m, then the sequence number of the subsequent segment is always m+1. If the estimated ... the sender is always less than or equal to the advertised window. III only I and III only I and IV only II and IV only
commented Nov 5, 2017 in Computer Networks 9.2k views