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The number of seven digit integers possible with sum of the digits equal to 11 and formed by using the digits 1, 2 and 3 only are ________.
answered Jan 6, 2019 in Combinatory 85 views
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answered Dec 29, 2018 in Combinatory 147 views
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answered Nov 6, 2018 in Combinatory 356 views
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Given that the logical address is "d" bits.Page table entry size is 4 bytes,what must be the optimal page size P by minimizing the page table size overhead and internal fragmentation in paging ? a) (4d)1/2 b) (4*d)2 C) (8*2(2d))1/2 d) (2(d+3))1/2
answered Oct 23, 2018 in Operating System 298 views
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Let $M = \begin{bmatrix} a & b &c \\ b &d & e\\ c & e & f \end{bmatrix}$ be a real matrix with eigenvalues 1, 0 and 3. If the eigenvectors corresponding to 1 and 0 are $\left ( 1,1,1 \right )^T$ and $\left ( 1,-1, 0 \right )^T$ respectively, then the value of 3f is equal to _______.
answered Oct 4, 2018 in Linear Algebra 390 views
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answered Sep 3, 2018 in Probability 109 views
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A postfix expression P is given with n binary operators. To evaluate the operator using stack, how many PUSH and POP operations are needed? A) PUSH:n, POP:n B)PUSH:2n, POP:2n+1 C)PUSH:2n+1, POP:2n D)PUSH:n, POP:2n
answered Sep 1, 2018 in DS 395 views
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answered Aug 29, 2018 in Theory of Computation 110 views
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10 rooms, numbered 1 to 10, need to be rewired, but there are constraints on the order in which this can get done. Rooms 5 and 8 must be rewired before starting on 6 Room 1 must be rewired rewired before starting on 7 and 9 Rooms 4 and 5 must be rewired before starting on 2 Rooms 8 and ... -8-5-6 and 3-1-7-10-8-5-2 each of length 7." <--quoted from answer How is it done?How is it connected to DAG?
answered Aug 24, 2018 in Algorithms 176 views
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A d-ary heap is like a binary heap, but instead of two children, nodes have ‘d’ children. A d-ary heap can be represented in a 1-dimensional array as follows. The root is kept in A[1], its d children are kept in order in A[2] through A[d + 1] their children are kept in order in A[d + 2] through A[d2 + d + 1] and so on. What index does maps the jth child for (1 ≤ j ≤ d) of the ith index node?
answered Aug 23, 2018 in DS 167 views
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Consider a 2 dimensional array A[40...95,40...95] in lower triangular matrix representation. The size of each element of array is 1 Byte.If array is implemented in memory as Row major,with base address as 1000,the address of A[66][50] is ..... Ans. 1361
answered Aug 22, 2018 in DS 1.4k views
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A disk is double interleaved. It has 8 secret per track of 512 byte each.rotation rate is 300 rpm.assume that arm is correctly positioned and 1/2 rotation is needed to get secter 0 under the head .the time needed to read all 8 section of track in order is .....(in milisecond)
answered Aug 22, 2018 in Operating System 851 views
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The two eigen values of the matrix $\begin{bmatrix} 2 & 1\\ 1& p \end{bmatrix}$ have a ratio of 3:1 for p= 2. What is another value of p for which eigenvalues have the same ratio of 3:1? A)-2 b) 1 c) 7/3 d)14/3
answered Aug 18, 2018 in Linear Algebra 444 views
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answered Aug 12, 2018 in Digital Logic 308 views
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Consider the following program skeleton and below figure which shows activation records of procedures involved in the calling sequence. $p \rightarrow s \rightarrow q \rightarrow r \rightarrow q.$Write the access links of the activation records to enable correct access and variables in the procedures from ... q; procedure r; begin q end r; begin r end q; procedure s; begin q end s; begin s end p;
answered Aug 10, 2018 in Compiler Design 1.9k views
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Let a decision problem $X$ be defined as follows: $X$: Given a Turing machine $M$ over $\Sigma$ and any word $w \in \Sigma$, does $M$ loop forever on $w$? You may assume that the halting problem of Turing machine is undecidable but partially decidable. Show that $X$ is undecidable Show that $X$ is not even partially decidable
answered Jun 28, 2018 in Theory of Computation 1.8k views
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39 ) Suppose a multidimensional array is declared as m(2:8,-4:1,6:10). If the base address is 200 and there are 4 words per memory location, then the address of A[5,-1,8] by using row order is ______.
answered Jan 16, 2018 in Programming 1.9k views
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Consider 3 processes P0, P1 and P2 to be scheduled as per the SRTF algorithm. The process P0' is known to be scheduled first and when P0 has been running 6' units of time, then the process P2' has arrived. The process P2' has run for 4' unit of time,then the ... in 5' units of time. Then the minimum burst time of P0' is _______ (in units). Please explain how to solve this. Ans is given 17
answered Jan 15, 2018 in Operating System 122 views
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which option is correct?
answered Jan 13, 2018 in Mathematical Logic 80 views