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Answers by MiNiPanda

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Consider a simple checkpointing protocol and the following set of operations in the log. (start, T4); (write, T4, y, 2, 3); (start, T1); (commit, T4); (write, T1, z, 5, 7); (checkpoint); (start, T2); (write, T2, x, 1, 9); (commit, T2); (start, T3); (write, T3, z, 7, 2); ... the redo list? Undo: T3, T1; Redo: T2 Undo: T3, T1; Redo: T2, T4 Undo: none; Redo: T2, T4, T3, T1 Undo: T3, T1, T4; Redo: T2
answered Nov 10, 2017 in Databases 12.3k views
1 vote
in a round robin scheduling s represents the time of context switching, q represents the time quantum and r represents the average time the process runs before blocking on i/o. if s<q<r, then cpu efficiency? a )q/q+s b) q/r+s c) r/r+s d) qr/r+s
answered Oct 14, 2017 in Operating System 1.4k views
11 votes
Let $\Sigma = \left\{a, b, c, d, e\right\}$ be an alphabet. We define an encoding scheme as follows: $g(a) = 3, g(b) = 5, g(c) = 7, g(d) = 9, g(e) = 11$. Let $p_i$ denote the i-th prime number $\left(p_1 = 2\right)$. For a non-empty string $s=a_1 \dots a_n$, ... the following numbers is the encoding, $h$, of a non-empty sequence of strings? $2^73^75^7$ $2^83^85^8$ $2^93^95^9$ $2^{10}3^{10}5^{10}$
answered Oct 11, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 3.7k views
13 votes
Two $n$ bit binary strings, $S_1$ and $S_2$ are chosen randomly with uniform probability. The probability that the Hamming distance between these strings (the number of bit positions where the two strings differ) is equal to $d$ is $\dfrac{^{n}C_{d}}{2^{n}}$ $\dfrac{^{n}C_{d}}{2^{d}}$ $\dfrac{d}{2^{n}}$ $\dfrac{1}{2^{d}}$
answered Oct 11, 2017 in Probability 3.5k views
12 votes
What is the minimum number of ordered pairs of non-negative numbers that should be chosen to ensure that there are two pairs $(a,b)$ and $(c,d)$ in the chosen set such that, $a \equiv c\mod 3$ and $b \equiv d \mod 5$ $4$ $6$ $16$ $24$
answered Oct 11, 2017 in Combinatory 7.1k views
13 votes
What is the maximum number of different Boolean functions involving $n$ Boolean variables? $n^2$ $2^n$ $2^{2^n}$ $2^{n^2}$
answered Oct 11, 2017 in Set Theory & Algebra 4k views
17 votes
Identify the correct translation into logical notation of the following assertion. Some boys in the class are taller than all the girls Note: $\text{taller} (x, y)$ is true if $x$ is taller than $y$ ... $(\exists x) (\text{boy}(x) \land (\forall y) (\text{girl}(y) \rightarrow \text{taller}(x, y)))$
answered Oct 4, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 7.9k views