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Answers by Pratik Gawali

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Let $x$ and $y$ be two vectors in a $3$ dimensional space and $<x,y>$ denote their dot product. Then the determinant $det\begin{bmatrix}<x,x> & <x,y>\\ <y,x> & <y,y>\end{bmatrix}$ is zero when $x$ and $y$ are linearly independent is positive when $x$ and $y$ are linearly independent is non-zero for all non-zero $x$ and $y$ is zero only when either $x$ or $y$ is zero
answered Sep 11, 2019 in Linear Algebra 600 views
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Consider a 4-way set associative cache that has 8-lines, with perfect LRU cache replacement and supports a block size of 16-bytes. For the following memory access pattern (shown as byte addresses), find the hit ratio? 3, 5, 6, 21, 32, 14, 5, 10, 11, 12
answered Jan 9, 2019 in CO and Architecture 223 views
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The base (or radix) of the number system such that the following equation holds is____________. $\frac{312}{20} = 13.1$
answered Jan 2, 2019 in Digital Logic 3.4k views
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#include<stdio.h> int main() { fork() && fork (); printf(“Forked”); } Explain the output of code with proper reason.
answered Dec 29, 2018 in Operating System 95 views
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Header field need scaling factor, , when it’s size is small, that is ok But why fragment offset field also need scaling factor?
answered Dec 28, 2018 in Computer Networks 292 views
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which of the following data structure is efficient to implement priority queue with basic operations such as insertion,deletion and searching? A)linked list B)Heap C)Sorted array D)Unsorted array
answered Dec 22, 2018 in Programming 448 views
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answered Dec 2, 2018 in Algorithms 81 views
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Answer is given as D. Not serializable, agreed. But how is it strict??
answered Nov 18, 2018 in Databases 511 views
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Consider the relation enrolled (student, course) in which (student, course) is the primary key, and the relation paid (student, amount) where student is the primary key. Assume no null values and no foreign keys or integrity constraints. Assume that amounts 6000, 7000, 8000 ... , Plan 1 executes faster than Plan 2 for all databases For x = 9000, Plan I executes slower than Plan 2 for all databases
answered Nov 2, 2018 in Databases 4.6k views
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Student (school-id, sch-roll-no, sname, saddress) School (school-id, sch-name, sch-address, sch-phone) Enrolment(school-id sch-roll-no, erollno, examname) ExamResult(erollno, examname, marks) Consider the following tuple relational calculus query. {t | ∃ E ... or the other schools with a pass percentage above 35% over all exams taken together schools with a pass percentage above 35% over each exam
answered Oct 15, 2018 in Databases 5.2k views
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Consider the following segment of C-code: int j, n; j = 1; while (j <= n) j = j * 2; The number of comparisons made in the execution of the loop for any $n > 0$ is: $\lceil \log_2n \rceil +1$ $n$ $\lceil \log_2n \rceil$ $\lfloor \log_2n \rfloor +1$
answered Sep 22, 2018 in Algorithms 12.3k views
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Consider a complete undirected graph with vertex set $\{0, 1, 2, 3, 4\}$. Entry $W_{ij}$ in the matrix $W$ below is the weight of the edge $\{i, j\}$ ... $T$ in this graph such that vertex 0 is a leaf node in the tree $T$? $7$ $8$ $9$ $10$
answered Aug 26, 2018 in Algorithms 7k views
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Which of the following statements is true for every planar graph on $n$ vertices? The graph is connected The graph is Eulerian The graph has a vertex-cover of size at most $\frac{3n}{4}$ The graph has an independent set of size at least $\frac{n}{3}$
answered Aug 16, 2018 in Graph Theory 4.1k views
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Write a concurrent program using $\text{parbegin-parend}$ and semaphores to represent the precedence constraints of the statements $S_1$ to $S_6$, as shown in figure below.
answered Jul 28, 2018 in Operating System 2.3k views
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Consider the following scheme for implementing a critical section in a situation with three processes $P_i, P_j$ and $P_k$. Pi; repeat flag[i] := true; while flag [j] or flag[k] do case turn of j: if flag [j] then begin flag [i] := false; while turn ... turn := j; flag [i] := false non-critical section until false; Does the scheme ensure mutual exclusion in the critical section? Briefly explain.
answered Jul 27, 2018 in Operating System 1.2k views
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Consider the following proposal to the "readers and writers problem." Shared variables and semaphores: aw, ar, rw, rr : interger; mutex, reading, writing: semaphore: initial values of variables and states of semaphores: ar=rr=aw=rw=0 reading_value = ... Can a group of readers make waiting writers starve? Can writers starve readers? Explain in two sentences why the solution is incorrect.
answered Jul 25, 2018 in Operating System 731 views