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I got 48 marks and 555 score in gate 2019 . What should i do next? Please suggest if I have a chance to get admission any good NITs / getting job any of PSU or should I drop one year and prepare and score better next year . ( I am a final year student ).
asked Mar 16, 2019 in NITs 219 views
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A certain processor deploy a single level-cache, the cache block size is 8 words, word size is 4 bytes, memory system uses 60mHz clock, to service a cache miss, the memory controller first takes 1 clock cycle to accept starting address of the block, it then ... The maximum bandwidth for the memory system when the program on the processor issues a series of read operation is _____________( yt s s )
commented Feb 5, 2019 in CO and Architecture 1k views
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What is the total number of different Hamiltonian cycles for the complete graph of n vertices?
commented Feb 4, 2019 in Graph Theory 954 views
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What is the good score in full length test series advance in madeeasy ??
commented Jan 16, 2019 in Study Resources 706 views
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Let $A[1,\ldots,n]$ be an array storing a bit ($1$ or $0$) at each location, and $f(m)$ is a function whose time complexity is $\Theta(m)$. Consider the following program fragment written in a C like language: counter = 0; for (i=1; i<=n; i++) { if a[i] == 1) counter++; ... 0;} } The complexity of this program fragment is $\Omega(n^2)$ $\Omega (n\log n) \text{ and } O(n^2)$ $\Theta(n)$ $o(n)$
commented Jan 14, 2019 in Algorithms 8.3k views
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What is the minimum marks for gate cse 2019 that i get any of psu job ?
asked Jan 11, 2019 in Job Queries 263 views
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How many concurrent schedules are conflict serializable of given transactions T1 and T2:
commented Jan 9, 2019 in Databases 45 views
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Consider the following graph: The number of strongly connected components of the graph are ________.
commented Jan 9, 2019 in Algorithms 433 views
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Consider an instruction pipeline with five stages without any branch prediction: Fetch Instruction (FI), Decode Instruction (DI), Fetch Operand (FO), Execute Instruction (EI) and Write Operand (WO). The stage delays for FI, DI, FO, EI and WO are ... is taken during the execution of this program, the time (in ns) needed to complete the program is $132$ $165$ $176$ $328$
commented Jan 1, 2019 in CO and Architecture 19k views
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In a lower triangular matrices (size 15 x 15) representation of compact single dimensional array, non-zero elements (i.e. elements of the lower triangle) of each row are stored one after another, starting from the first row. Assume each integer take 1B. The array ... the address of element a[10] [6] is______ B. [Note: Only lower triangular elements of the matrix are stored in contiguous array]
commented Dec 29, 2018 in Programming 374 views
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for memory overhead in Multi level paging, for innermost table only 1 page size shall be counted na? and NOT the complete page table size? please explain the concept, thanks!
commented Dec 26, 2018 in Operating System 403 views
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Let $A\:\leq_m\:B$ denotes that language $A$ is mapping reducible (also known as many-to-one reducible) to language $B$. Which one of the following is FALSE? If $A\: \leq_m B$ and $B$ is recursive then $A$ is recursive. If $A\: \leq_m B$ and ... recursively enumerable then $A$ is recursively enumerable. If $A\: \leq_m B$ and $B$ is not recursively enumerable then $A$ is not recursively enumerable.
commented Oct 31, 2018 in Theory of Computation 6k views
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The number of elements that can be sorted in $\Theta(\log n)$ time using heap sort is $\Theta(1)$ $\Theta(\sqrt{\log} n)$ $\Theta(\frac{\log n}{\log \log n})$ $\Theta(\log n)$
answered Oct 22, 2018 in Algorithms 10.8k views
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Two alternative packages $A$ and $B$ are available for processing a database having $10^k$ records. Package $A$ requires $0.0001 n^2$ time units and package $B$ requires $10n\log_{10} n$ time units to process $n$ records. What is the smallest value of $k$ for which package $B$ will be preferred over $A$? $12$ $10$ $6$ $5$
answered Oct 21, 2018 in Algorithms 4.7k views
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Consider the following program in C language: #include <stdio.h> main() { int i; int*pi = &i; scanf("%d",pi); printf("%d\n", i+5); } Which one of the following statements is TRUE? Compilation fails. Execution results in a run-time error. On execution, the value printed is $5$ more than the address of variable $i$. On execution, the value printed is $5$ more than the integer value entered.
commented Sep 22, 2018 in Programming 5.7k views
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Consider a hard disk with $16$ recording surfaces $(0-15)$ having 16384 cylinders $(0-16383)$ and each cylinder contains $64$ sectors $(0-63)$. Data storage capacity in each sector is $512$ bytes. Data are organized cylinder-wise and the addressing format is <cylinder no., ... is the cylinder number of the last sector of the file, if it is stored in a contiguous manner? $1281$ $1282$ $1283$ $1284$
commented Sep 19, 2018 in Operating System 11.1k views
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An operating system uses the Banker's algorithm for deadlock avoidance when managing the allocation of three resource types $X, Y,$ and $Z$ to three processes $P0, P1,$ and $P2.$ The table given below presents the current system state. Here, the Allocation matrix ... REQ1 can be permitted. Only REQ2 can be permitted. Both REQ1 and REQ2 can be permitted. Neither REQ1 nor REQ2 can be permitted.
commented Sep 18, 2018 in Operating System 6.4k views
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The order of a leaf node in a B$^+$ - tree is the maximum number of (value, data record pointer) pairs it can hold. Given that the block size is $1K$ $bytes$, data record pointer is $7$ $bytes$ long, the value field is $9$ $bytes$ long and a block pointer is $6$ $bytes$ long, what is the order of the leaf node? $63$ $64$ $67$ $68$
commented Sep 8, 2018 in Databases 11k views
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A computer has twenty physical page frames which contain pages numbered $101$ through $120$. Now a program accesses the pages numbered $\text{1, 2, ..., 100}$ in that order, and repeats the access sequence THRICE. Which one of the following page ... faults as the optimal page replacement policy for this program? Least-recently-used First-in-first-out Last-in-first-out Most-recently-used
commented Aug 19, 2018 in Operating System 11.3k views
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From a circular sheet of paper of radius $30$ cm, a sector of $10\%$ area is removed. If the remaining part is used to make a conical surface, then the ratio of the radius and height of the cone is _____
commented Aug 17, 2018 in Numerical Ability 3.2k views
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Let $R$ and $S$ be any two equivalence relations on a non-empty set $A$. Which one of the following statements is TRUE? $R$ $∪$ $S$, $R$ $∩$ $S$ are both equivalence relations $R$ $∪$ $S$ is an equivalence relation $R$ $∩$ $S$ is an equivalence relation Neither $R$ $∪$ $S$ nor $R$ $∩$ $S$ are equivalence relations
commented Jul 9, 2018 in Set Theory & Algebra 3k views
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If $3 \leq X \leq 5$ and $8 \leq Y \leq 11$ then which of the following options is TRUE? $\left(\dfrac{3}{5} \leq \dfrac{X}{Y} \leq \dfrac{8}{5}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{3}{11} \leq \dfrac{X}{Y} \leq \dfrac{5}{8}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{3}{11} \leq \dfrac{X}{Y} \leq \dfrac{8}{5}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{3}{5} \leq \dfrac{X}{Y} \leq \dfrac{8}{11}\right)$
commented Jul 6, 2018 in Numerical Ability 986 views
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Consider the following relational schema. Students(rollno: integer, sname: string) Courses(courseno: integer, cname: string) Registration(rollno: integer, courseno: integer, percent: real) Which of the following queries are equivalent to this query in English? Find the distinct names of all students who ... I, II, III and IV I, II and III only I, II and IV only II, III and IV only
commented Jul 5, 2018 in Databases 5.1k views
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Student (school-id, sch-roll-no, sname, saddress) School (school-id, sch-name, sch-address, sch-phone) Enrolment(school-id sch-roll-no, erollno, examname) ExamResult(erollno, examname, marks) Consider the following tuple relational calculus query. {t | ∃ E ... or the other schools with a pass percentage above 35% over all exams taken together schools with a pass percentage above 35% over each exam
commented Jul 5, 2018 in Databases 5.3k views