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A vertical microprogrammed control unit supports 256 instructions. The system is using 8 flag conditions and contains 48 control signals. Each instruction on an average requires 1 micro operation. What is the approximate size of control memory in bytes?
commented Aug 15, 2019 in CO and Architecture 598 views
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A hypothetical processor supports 256 instructions.Each instruction takes 12 cycles to complete the execution. Processor supports horizontal control unit design. It has 24 control signals and 16 flags. What is the size of microinstruction??
commented Jul 25, 2019 in CO and Architecture 2.1k views
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The weight of a sequence $a_0,a_1, \dots, a_{n-1}$ of real numbers is defined as $a_0+a_1/2+ \dots + a_{n-1}/2^{n-1}$. A subsequence of a sequence is obtained by deleting some elements from the sequence, keeping the order of the remaining elements the same. Let $X$ denote the maximum possible weight of ... $X$ is equal to $max(Y, a_0+Y)$ $max(Y, a_0+Y/2)$ $max(Y, a_0 +2Y)$ $a_0+Y/2$
commented Jul 23, 2019 in Algorithms 8.7k views
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Find the number of Topological order(sort) in the given graph? $(1)$ $(2)$
commented Jul 23, 2019 in DS 892 views
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Hello sir!! I got in to a serious problem ..I have forgotetn the login password of Gate overflow..Cant do login from my Laptop or any other device..Currently I am using The app..but I need to login in my laptop..How can I reset my password ?..Pls help me it's necessary and a bit urgent
asked May 28, 2019 in Others 36 views
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How to take tests on GO ? When i am going to gate test series on is asking registration number..but i have got none to get registered for exam??
asked May 24, 2019 in GATE 71 views
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How to find number of stall cycles and branch penalty & CPI in a branched instruction pipelining?
asked May 21, 2019 in CO and Architecture 102 views
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Hello !! I am now facing a serious problem now-a-days ..cuz my sems will start within a month and lots of assignments and practicals are left to be written (copied) so i am facing very difficult to manage all those along with my gate prep..i am feeling very pressurized ..Can somone please show me a way how to manage sems and gate together when 1month is left for sems to start.
asked May 4, 2019 in GATE Application 62 views
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From where to learn the decidability and Undecidability concept for gate? So that I can grasp the full concept of that topic crystal clear..(please suggest me except Shai Simonson..I had already watch that video but i could'nt clear my concepts from there) i am facing real difficulty on that topic
asked Apr 22, 2019 in Theory of Computation 105 views
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What is the concept of branch penalty , stall cycle and branch instructions and what are the formulas to get those ?? Someone please guide me..i am really facing much difficulty in these concepts while solving prev yr gate questions.
edited Apr 16, 2019 in CO and Architecture 52 views
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Hello guys !! Is solving previous 10 years gate qs suffice ?? Or should I practise more past year qs ?? Please help me out
asked Apr 2, 2019 in GATE Application 34 views
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What is the difference between Turing recognizable language and Turing decidable language? Please someone explain me clearly the concept
asked Mar 26, 2019 in Theory of Computation 61 views
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Can anyone please suggest me what is the best youtube video lecture series on C programming for gate.
asked Mar 24, 2019 in GATE Application 138 views
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If adjacency matrix of 2 graphs are same, then can we say that those 2 graphs are isomorphic?
asked Mar 22, 2019 in GATE Application 34 views
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I doubt Whether (a,b)R(b,c) is symmetric or antisymmetric or reflexive relation And how to approach this type of sums?
commented Mar 21, 2019 in GATE Application 36 views
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Hello!! all the respected members of gate overflow.. I am a gate 2020 aspirant Our paper is going to be made by IIT Delhi as per i got the information Can u all please guide me how to prepare and what topics I must focus on more ...What will be my strategy and all..& if i get a timetable I would be greatful to u all Thank you
commented Mar 20, 2019 in GATE 195 views