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Answers by RohitKumarSingh

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Twin primes are pairs of numbers p and p+2 such that both are primes-for instance, 5 and 7, 11 and 13, 41 and 43. The Twin Prime Conjecture says that there are infinitely many twin primes. Let TwinPrime(n) be a predicate that is true if n and n+2 are twin primes. Which of the ... TwinPrime(n)) ∃m. ∀n. n ≤ m implies TwinPrime(n) ∃m. ∀n. TwinPrime(n) implies n ≤ m ∀m. ∃n. n ≤ m and TwinPrime(n)
answered Dec 29, 2018 in Mathematical Logic 193 views
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Let $X$ be a Gaussian random variable with mean 0 and variance $\sigma ^{2}$. Let $Y$ = $\max\left ( X,0 \right )$ where $\max\left ( a,b \right )$ is the maximum of $a$ and $b$. The median of $Y$ is ______________ .
answered Dec 27, 2018 in Probability 10k views