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Answers by Rounak Agarwal

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A detective has interviewed four witnesses to a crime. From the stories of the witnesses the detective has concluded that if the butler is telling the truth then so is the cook; the cook and the gardener cannot both be telling the truth; the gardener and the ... . For each of the four persons can the detective determine whether that person is telling the truth or lying ? Explain your reasoning.
answered May 26, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 523 views
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A complete $n$-ary tree is one in which every node has $0$ or $n$ sons. If $x$ is the number of internal nodes of a complete $n$-ary tree, the number of leaves in it is given by $x(n-1) +1$ $xn-1$ $xn +1$ $x(n+1)$
answered Dec 13, 2016 in DS 6.2k views