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Suppose $Y$ is distributed uniformly in the open interval $(1,6)$. The probability that the polynomial $3x^2 +6xY+3Y+6$ has only real roots is (rounded off to $1$ decimal place) _______
commented Dec 14, 2019 in Probability 5.8k views
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answered Jul 24, 2019 in Programming 83 views
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Hii , can anyone tell me what specialization to choose between CSE and MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTING? which is best keeping in mind the government jobs like ISRO,AAI,BHSPCL ETC.
asked Feb 28, 2019 in GATE Application 78 views
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What is the minimum number of $2$-input NOR gates required to implement a $4$ -variable function expressed in sum-of-minterms form as $f=\Sigma(0,2,5,7, 8, 10, 13, 15)?$ Assume that all the inputs and their complements are available. Answer: _______
commented Feb 22, 2019 in Digital Logic 10.1k views
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Evaluation of the given postfix expression $10 \: 10 + 60 \: 6/^*8$- is $192$ $190$ $110$ $92$
answered Feb 15, 2019 in Others 183 views
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X is uniformly distributed random variable that takes values between 0 and 1.The value of E(X^3) will be
answered Feb 12, 2019 in Probability 1.4k views
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For any context-free grammar there is a parser that takes at most O (n$^3$ ) time to parse a string of n terminals. True or False?
commented Feb 9, 2019 in Compiler Design 167 views
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If a grammar( $CFG$ ) has more than one Right most derivation, Can it be called ambiguous ? Or we say a grammar is ambiguous only when it has more than one left most derivation ?
answered Feb 9, 2019 in Compiler Design 591 views
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In a sliding window $ARQ$ scheme, the transmitter's window size is $N$ and the receiver's window size is $M$. The minimum number of distinct sequence numbers required to ensure correct operation of the $ARQ$ scheme is $min (M, N)$ $max (M, N)$ $M + N$ $MN$
answered Feb 5, 2019 in Computer Networks 4k views
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A relational database contains two tables Student and Performance as shown below: ... Marks) FROM Student S, Performance P WHERE P.Marks >84 GROUP BY S.Student_name; The number of rows returned by the above SQL query is ________
commented Feb 4, 2019 in Databases 7.7k views
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What is the for the question where two statements were given as: S1: matrix A is invertible S2:|A|=0?
answered Feb 4, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 456 views
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You are working on a laptop connected to a $100 \text{Mbps}$ Ethernet LAN. You need a $2 \text{GB}$ file that is on the server in the same LAN. The entire file is also on your pen drive but you have left the pen drive in another room. You ... be able to go and bring the pen drive, before the transfer on the LAN completes. Assume continuous data transmission on the LAN(no packetization required)).
commented Jan 6, 2019 in Computer Networks 441 views
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Consider the following graph. How many paths of length $4$ exist from node $A$ to node $D$? (Note: The path may have repeated vertices. You can think of it as walks in general rather than path)
commented Jan 6, 2019 in Discrete Mathematics 386 views
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what could be the eigen values of a 2*2 Matrix if all its elements are intergers.
commented Jan 3, 2019 in Linear Algebra 110 views
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Suppose when there is cache “Miss” then memory Access is 30ns and when cache “Hit” then memory access time is 3ns if 80% is cache hit then effective memory access 9ns 8.4ns 3ns 9.10ns
commented Jan 2, 2019 in CO and Architecture 194 views
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Which type of hazards mitigate by data forwarding war and waw both war only waw only none of above
commented Jan 1, 2019 in CO and Architecture 140 views
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A hard disk system has the following parameters : Number of tracks $= 500$ Number of sectors/track $= 100$ Number of bytes /sector $= 500$ Time taken by the head to move from one track to adjacent track $= 1 \ ms$ Rotation speed $= 600 \ rpm$. What is the average time taken for transferring $250$ bytes from the disk ? $300.5 \ ms$ $255.5 \ ms$ $255 \ ms$ $300 \ ms$
commented Dec 24, 2018 in Operating System 11k views
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A CPU has a five-stage pipeline and runs at $1$ GHz frequency. Instruction fetch happens in the first stage of the pipeline. A conditional branch instruction computes the target address and evaluates the condition in the third stage of the pipeline. The processor stops fetching new instructions following ... is: $\text{1.0 second}$ $\text{1.2 seconds}$ $\text{1.4 seconds}$ $\text{1.6 seconds}$
answered Dec 22, 2018 in CO and Architecture 8.7k views
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As I know that if any schedule is conflict serializable then it must be view serializable but if not conflict serializability then check for blind write if not found then not view serializable if found then check from polygraph or If a schedule S is view-equivalent to ... . then we have to make serial schedule by given schedule or what. please help if possible with help of diagram or example.
commented Dec 20, 2018 in Databases 986 views
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Is there internal fragmentation in continuous dynamic partitioning ? After the processes have been allocated the partitions according to their size , there is no internal fragmentation , I agree but what if some processes have completed their execution and left leaving behind the holes of ... comes which has size smaller than the hole , then will it create a new partion of its size from the hole?
asked Dec 20, 2018 in Operating System 33 views
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A Binary semaphore variable mutex is initialized to '1' and the various binary semaphore operations like 9P(), 14V(), 6P(), 8V(), 3P(), 2V() are performed, then what is the present(final) value of the binary semaphore mutex?
commented Dec 18, 2018 in Operating System 1.5k views
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Define languages $L_0$ and $L_1$ as follows : $L_0 = \{\langle M, w, 0 \rangle \mid M \text{ halts on }w\} $ $L_1 = \{\langle M, w, 1 \rangle \mid M \text{ does not halts on }w\}$ Here $\langle M, w, i \rangle$ is a triplet, whose first component $M$ ... but $L'$ is not $L'$ is recursively enumerable, but $ L$ is not Both $L$ and $L'$ are recursive Neither $L$ nor $L'$ is recursively enumerable
commented Dec 12, 2018 in Theory of Computation 9.5k views
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Minimum number of 2 input nor gates required for xy+z?
commented Dec 11, 2018 in Digital Logic 105 views
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Which of the following data structure is most suitable for radix sort? 1 .tree 2 . Linked list 3 . Stack 4 . Binary search tree
commented Dec 11, 2018 in Programming 175 views
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commented Dec 10, 2018 in Graph Theory 113 views
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commented Dec 10, 2018 in Theory of Computation 114 views
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asked Dec 10, 2018 in Combinatory 171 views
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secondary indexing can not be defined on key attribute values? True or false.
asked Dec 10, 2018 in Databases 75 views