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Answers by Shreya Roy

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Given below are two statements followed by two conclusions. Assuming these statements to be true, decide which one logically follows. Statements: All film stars are playback singers. All film directors are film stars. Conclusions: All film directors are playback singers ... Only conclusion I follows. Only conclusion II follows. Neither conclusion I nor II follows. Both conclusions I and II follow.
answered Apr 21, 2017 in Numerical Ability 929 views
17 votes
Three dice are rolled independently. What is the probability that the highest and the lowest value differ by $4$? $\left(\dfrac{1}{3}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{1}{6}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{1}{9}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{5}{18}\right)$ $\left(\dfrac{2}{9}\right)$
answered Apr 11, 2017 in Probability 1.1k views
5 votes
Nodes A and B are connected with 100 Mbps ethernet segment with 6 microsec pop.delay between them.Suppose A,B send frames at t=0 and frames get collided.after first collision A draws k=0 and bdraws k=1.if jam signal is ignored and timeout is 1 RTT then at what time A's packet gets completely delivered to B...assume packet size 1000 bits. a)28 microsec b)16 microsec c)22 microsec d)38 microsec
answered Mar 3, 2017 in Computer Networks 1.1k views
3 votes
If a graph has k-independent components, it it n-k+1 colorable
answered Feb 28, 2017 in Algorithms 162 views
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There are 16072016 users in Facebook. A graph is formed where an edge(u,v) is defined when a male is friend to a female and vice versa. Estimate the number of simple cycle of length 1607 formed in the graph?
answered Feb 28, 2017 in Algorithms 346 views
3 votes
Number of distinct BFS, DFS trees in a complete graph ?
answered Feb 28, 2017 in Algorithms 753 views
5 votes
If a real number x is chosen at random in the interval [0, 3], and a real number y is chosen at random in the interval [0, 4],what is the probability that x < y ? (A) 1/2 (B) 7/12 (C) 5/8 (D) 2/3
answered Feb 6, 2017 in Verbal Ability 628 views
2 votes
Let x1 x2 x3 be three independent and identically distribuyed random variables with uniform distrbution on (0,1) find probability p(x1+x2<=x3)
answered Jan 24, 2017 in Probability 2.2k views
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If $n$ and $m$ are positive integers and $n^{9}=19m+r$, then the possible values for $r$ modulo 19 are. Only 0 Only 0, $\pm$ 1. Only $\pm$ 1. None of the above.
answered Dec 14, 2016 in Numerical Ability 382 views
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Let M be a single-tape deterministic TM with tape alphabet { blank, 0, 1 }, and let C denote the ( possibly infinite ) computation of M starting with a blank tape. The input to each problem is M, together with a positive integer n. Which of the following problems is(are) decidable ? I. ... distinct tape cells during the company C (A). III only (B). I and II only (C).I and III only (D).I,II and III
answered Nov 19, 2016 in Theory of Computation 190 views
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Which of the following problems is(are) decidable ? I. Given a (finite) string W, is W a prefix of the decimal expansion of $\pi$ II. Given a Program and an input, is the programs output the decimal expansion of $\pi$ III. Given a Program and an input a prifix of the decimal ... , the prorams output always the same for every prifix (A). I only (B). II only (C). I and II only (D). III only
answered Nov 19, 2016 in Theory of Computation 189 views
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answered Nov 16, 2016 in DS 929 views
32 votes
Consider a simple graph with unit edge costs. Each node in the graph represents a router. Each node maintains a routing table indicating the next hop router to be used to relay a packet to its destination and the cost of the path to the destination through that router. Initially, the routing table is empty. ... to node $A$ at time $(t + 100)$ is : $>100$ but finite $\infty$ $3$ $>3$ and $\leq 100$
answered Sep 28, 2016 in Computer Networks 6.2k views
18 votes
A function $f(x)$ is continuous in the interval $[0,2]$. It is known that $f(0) = f(2) = -1$ and $f(1) = 1$. Which one of the following statements must be true? There exists a $y$ in the interval $(0,1)$ such that $f(y) = f(y+1)$ For every $y$ ... maximum value of the function in the interval $(0,2)$ is $1$ There exists a $y$ in the interval $(0,1)$ such that $f(y)$ = $-f(2-y)$
answered Aug 25, 2016 in Calculus 7.6k views
4 votes
Let $P_1, P_2,\dots , P_n $be $n$ points in the $xy$-plane such that no three of them are collinear. For every pair of points $P_i$ and $P_j$, let $L_{ij}$ be the line passing through them. Let $L_{ab}$ be the line with the steepest gradient among all $n(n -1)/2$ lines. The ... and $P_b$ is $\Theta\left(n\right)$ $\Theta\left(n\log n\right)$ $\Theta\left(n\log^2 n\right)$ $\Theta\left(n^2\right)$
answered Aug 15, 2016 in Algorithms 2.2k views
34 votes
Consider the regular expression $R = (a + b)^* (aa + bb) (a + b)^*$ Which of the following non-deterministic finite automata recognizes the language defined by the regular expression $R$? Edges labeled $\lambda $ denote transitions on the empty string.
answered Jul 26, 2016 in Theory of Computation 3.2k views
3 votes
How many term will be computed to determine the value of $10C8$ Using a divide and conquer algorithms ? 45 46 90 89
answered Jun 8, 2016 in Algorithms 799 views
3 votes
A computer uses $32-bit$ virtual address, and $32-bit$ physical address. The physical memory is byte addressable, and the page size is $4$ $\text{kbytes}$ . It is decided to use two level page tables to translate from virtual address to physical ... entries that can be contained in each page? How many bits are available for storing protection and other information in each page table entry?
answered Jun 4, 2016 in Operating System 4.6k views