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What is the ideal expected month of completion of preparation and how to revise after completion of syllabus ?
commented May 1, 2019 in GATE 901 views
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Chandan and Falguni work on alternate days; Chandan working on the 1st day, Falguni on the 2nd, then Chandan again on the 3rd followed by Falguni on the 4th and so on. In this way, they can finish the work in 25 days. The work done by Chandan varies every day and on any ... days but my doubt is here asked is number of days so shouldn't we fill(answer) 55 instead of 54.25 as days cant be in decimal
commented Feb 1, 2019 in Numerical Ability 279 views
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1.”Maximal and Minimal element is unique in case of Bounded Lattice” [This is necessary condition not sufficient.] i.e Upper bound =Maximal and Lower bound =Minimal for Bounded lattice. 2.Upper bound and lower bound in Bounded lattice is unique. am i correct???
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 87 views
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Consider a TCP connection using the multiplicative additive congestion control algorithm where the window size is 1 MSS and the threshold is 32 MSS. At the $8^{th}$ transmission timeout occurs and enters in the congestion detection phase. The value of the window size (in MSS) at the ... end of $12^{th}$ transmission. So we have to take the window size after the 12 RTTs right and not at 12th RTT?
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Computer Networks 551 views
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Consider the following code segment: int j, k,n; for(j=1;j<=n-1;j++){ for(k=j+1;k<n;k++){ if(A[j]> A[k]){ A[j]=A[j+2]; } } } (Where n is the size of array A[ ] and starting index is 1) Number of comparison made by the above code when n = 84 ________. given answer is 84*83/2 =3486 shouldn’t it be 83*82/2 = 3403
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Programming 176 views
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Let G be a graph with no isolated vertices, and let M be a maximum matching of G. For each vertex v not saturated by M, choose an edge incident to v. Let T be the set of all the chosen edges, and let L = M ∪ T. Which of the following option is TRUE? A L is always an edge cover of G. B L is always a minimum edge cover of G. C Both (A) and (B) D Neither (A) nor (B) Can anyone pls help solving this?
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Graph Theory 246 views
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please provide the detailed solution
commented Jan 30, 2019 in Computer Networks 161 views
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Consider a CPU contains 2000 instructions, there are 80 misses in L1 cache and 40 misses in the L2 cache. Assume miss penalty from the L2 cache to memory is 200 clock cycles, the hit time of L2 cache is 30 clock cycles, the hit time of L1 cache ... are 1.8 memory references per instruction, then average stall per instruction is ________. Can you please suggest the method to attempt such questions.
commented Jan 30, 2019 in CO and Architecture 383 views
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Let say L1 is Dcfl and L2=~L1(~ is complement L=L1 Intersection L2 What is L??
commented Jan 28, 2019 in Theory of Computation 93 views
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L={ <TM>| L(TM)= not re} is it decidable or not if undecidable what specific set it belongs ?
commented Jan 28, 2019 in Theory of Computation 61 views
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A demand paging uses a TLB and a single level page table stored in main memory. The memory access time is 5s. The page fault service time is 25s. If 70% of access is in TLB and of the remaining, 20% is not present in the main memory. The effective memory access time is? Thanks!
commented Jan 27, 2019 in Operating System 432 views
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The number of permutations can be obtained in the output using stack assuming that input contains elements 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 in any order such that 3 will poped out from stack at 3rd position are _______ (assume one element enter in stack only one time).
commented Jan 27, 2019 in DS 276 views
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Consider the hashing table with 'm' slots and 'n' keys. If the expected number of probes in unsuccessful search is 3. The expected number of probes in a successful search is_ Answer 1.647
commented Jan 27, 2019 in DS 413 views
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I a router id connected to 5 links then how many IP and MAC addresses should it have ?? The answer given is 5IP and 5MAC?? Would it not be 6 IP and 6MAC?
commented Jan 27, 2019 in Computer Networks 57 views
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Consider two processes: Assume x and y are shared variables and initialized to 0. Which statement is true? A)No mutual exclusion and no deadlock B)No mutual exclusion but progress satisfies C)Progress and mutual exclusion both satisfies D)Mutual exclusion and deadlocks Is A and B both are true??
commented Jan 25, 2019 in Operating System 160 views
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Consider the following schedule: S:R2(A), W1(B), W1(C), R3(B), R2(B), R1 (A), commit_1, R2(C), commit_2, W3(A), commit_3 How many given statements true about schedule(S)____. (i) Schedule(S) is conflict serializable schedule. (ii) Schedule(S) is allowed ... is strict recoverable schedule. (iv) Schedule(S) is allowed by strict 2PL. only 1 is correct as per my answer but in answer they have given 3
commented Jan 25, 2019 in Databases 110 views
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consider a file system, using a single level directory structure. The Block size is 4 KB & Disk address is 32 bits. The directory is housed in 4 blocks of Disk and holds 32 bit information in its entry. The maximum number of files supported by this file system is ? Ans given is 4096
answered Jan 25, 2019 in Operating System 99 views
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______ sorting algorithms has the lowest worst-case complexity. Selection Sort Bubble Sort Merge Sort Quick Sort
answered Jan 25, 2019 in Others 764 views
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The process executes the following code and after execution ______ number of child process get created fork(); fork(); fork(); fork(); $4$ $1$ $15$ $16$
answered Jan 25, 2019 in Others 225 views
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Consider the following language:? L= {w | w $\epsilon$ {0,1}* , w has equal number of occurrences of ‘001’ and ‘010’} Is L regular? If so, please provide a DFA for L.
commented Jan 25, 2019 in Theory of Computation 830 views
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A DMA controller transfers 32-bit words from an input device to memory in one clock cycle using cycle stealing. The input device transmits data at a rate of 9600 bytes per second. The CPU is fetching and executing instructions at an average rate of 2,000,000 instructions per second ( ... of the DMA transfer by .. percent. I am getting 0.12 as the answer but they have given 0.24 please check
commented Jan 24, 2019 in CO and Architecture 148 views
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Consider the following schedule $\text{S : r2(A), w1(B), w1(C), R3(B), r2(B), r1(A), commit_1, r2(C), commit_2, w3(A), commit_3 }$ Consider the following statements : S1 : Schedule(S) is conflict serializable schedule. S2 : Schedule(S) is allowed by 2PL. S3 : Schedule(S) is strict recoverable schedule. S4 : Schedule(S) is allowed by strict 2PL. How many above statements true about schedule(S) ?
commented Jan 24, 2019 in Databases 760 views
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Nullity of a matrix = Total number columns – Rank of that matrix But how to calculate value of x when nullity is already given(1 in this case)
answered Jan 24, 2019 in Linear Algebra 503 views
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In a lottery, 10 tickets are drawn at random out of 50 tickets numbered from 1 to 50. What is the expected value of the sum of numbers on the drawn tickets?
comment edited Jan 20, 2019 in Mathematical Logic 725 views
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Consider the following statements about relation R: S1: If a relation R is in 3NF but not in BCNF, then relation R must consist proper subset of candidate key determines proper subset of some other candidate key. S2: If a relation R is in 3NF but not BCNF, then relation R must ... Which of the following statements is/are correct? (a) Both S1 and S2 (b) Only S1 © Only S2 (d) None of the above
comment edited Jan 20, 2019 in Databases 465 views
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In the given network system, station A needs to send a payload of 1600B from its network layer to station B. If fragmentation is done, then the actual data size to be transmitted is?
asked Jan 18, 2019 in Computer Networks 301 views