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Choose the correct statement - $A=\{a^nb^n \mid n= 1, 2, 3, \ldots\}$ is a regular language The set $B$, consisting of all strings made up of only $a's$ and $b's$ having equal number of $a's$ and $bs$ defines a regular language $L(A^*B)\cap B$ gives the set $A$ None of the above
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What is one advantage of setting up a $DMZ$ (Demilitarized Zone) with two firewalls? You can control where traffic goes in the three networks You can do statefull packet filtering You can do load balancing Improve network performance
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ln neural network, the network capacity is defined as: The traffic (tarry capacity of the network The total number of nodes in the network The number of patterns that can be stored and recalled in a network None of the above
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For a multi-processor architecture, in which protocol a write transaction is forwarded to only those processors that are known to possess a copy of newly altered cache line? Snoopy bus protocol Cache coherency protocol Directory based protocol None of the above
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Which one of the following algorithm is not used in asymmetric key cryptography? RSA Algorithm Gillie-Hellman Algorithm Electronic Code Book Algorithm None of the above
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In multi-programmed systems, it is advantageous if some programs such as editors anf compilers can be shared by several users. Which of the following must be true of multi-programmed systems in order that a single copy of a program can be shared by several users? The program is a macro The program is recursive The program is reentrant I only II only III only I, II and III
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What is the output of tho following program? main(){ int x=2, y=5; if(x<y) return (x=x+y); else printf("z1"); printf("z2"); } $z2$ $z1z2$ Compilation error None of these
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in a file which contains $1$ million records and the order of the tree is $100$, then what is the maximum number of nodes to be accessed if $B$+ tree index is used? $5$ $4$ $3$ $10$
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In cryptography, the following uses transposition ciphers and the keyword is LAYER. Encrypt the following message. (Spaces are omitted during encrypton) WELCOME TO NETWORK SECURITY! WMEKREETSILTWETCOOCYONRU! EETSICOOCYWMEKRONRU!LTWET LTWETONRU!WMEKRCOOCYEETSI ONRU!COOCYLTWETEETSIWMEKR
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The domain of the function log (log sin(x)) is: $0<x<$\pi$ $2n$\pi$<$x$<$(2n+1)$\pi$, for $n$ in $N$ Empty set None of the above
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A computer uses ternary system instead of the traditional systen, An $n$ bit string in the binary system will occupy $3+n$ ternary digits $2n/3$ ternary digits $n$\log_{2}3$ ternary digits $n$\log_{3}2$ ternary digits
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Which of the following comment about peep-hole optimization is true? It is applied to small part of the code and applied repeatedly It can be used to optimize intermediate code It can be applied to a portion of the code that is not contiguous It is applied in symbol table to optimize the memory requirements.
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Consider the following program { int x=1; printf("%d",(*char(char*)&x)); } Assuming required header files are included and if the machine in which this program is executed is little endian, then the output will be 0 99999999 1 unpredictable
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The $FSM$ (Finite State Machine) machine pictured in the figure above Complements a given bit pattern Finds $2's$ complement of a given bit pattern Increments a given bit pattern by $1$ Changes the sign bit
answered Apr 23, 2018 in Theory of Computation 3.6k views
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The difference between a named pipe and a regular file in Unix is that Unlike a regular file, named pipe is a special file The data in a pipe is transient, unlike the content of a regular file Pipes forbid random accessing, while regular files do allow this. All of the above
answered Apr 23, 2018 in Operating System 2.1k views
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Which of the following comparisons between static and dynamic type checking incorrect? Dynamic type checking slows down the execution Dynamic type checking offers more flexibility to the programmers In contrast to Static type checking, dynamic type checking may cause failure in runtime due to type errors Unlike static type checking dynamic type checking is done during compilation
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A $32$-$bit$ adder is formed by cascading $4$-$bit$ CLA adder.The gate delays (latency) for getting the sum bits is $16$ $18$ $17$ $19$
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A two-way set associative cache memory unit with a capacity of $16\, KB$ is built using a block size of $8\, words.$ The word length is $32-bits.$ The physical address space is $4\, GB.$ The number of bits in the TAG, SET fields are $20,7$ $19,8$ $20,8$ $21,9$
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Consider the following table: $\text{Faculty(facName, dept, office, rank, dateHired)}$ facName dept office rank dateHired Ravi Art A101 Professor 1975 Murali Math M201 Assistant 2000 Narayanan Art A101 Associate 1992 Lakshmi Math M201 Professor 1982 Mohan CSC C101 Professor 1980 Sreeni Math M203 ... Then $Faculty$ is Not in 3NF,in BCNF In 3NF,not in BCNF In 3NF, in BCNF Not in 3NF, not in BCNF
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The proposition $(P\Rightarrow Q)\wedge (Q\Rightarrow P)$ is a Tautology Contradiction Contingency Absurdity
commented Apr 19, 2018 in Mathematical Logic 1.3k views
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Consider the set of integers $I.$ Let $D$ denote "divides with an integer quotient" (e.g. $4D8$ but not $4D7$). Then $D$ is Reflexive, Not Symmetric, Transitive Not Reflexive, Not Anti-symmetric, Transitive Reflexive, Anti-symmetric, Transitive Not Reflexive, Not Anti-symmetric, Not Transitive
commented Apr 19, 2018 in Set Theory & Algebra 3k views
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Consider the following segment of C-code: int j, n; j = 1; while (j <= n) j = j * 2; The number of comparisons made in the execution of the loop for any $n > 0$ is: $\lceil \log_2n \rceil +1$ $n$ $\lceil \log_2n \rceil$ $\lfloor \log_2n \rfloor +1$
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What is the bit rate of a video terminal unit with $80$ characters/line, $8$ $\text{bits/character}$ and horizontal sweep time of $100$ $\text{µs}$ (including $20$ $\text{µs}$ of retrace time)? $8$ $\text{Mbps}$ $6.4$ $\text{Mbps}$ $0.8$ $\text{Mbps}$ $0.64$ $\text{Mbps}$
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Please write grammar for it and explain with example. $L=\{w \: : n_a(w) > n_b(w) \}$
answered Mar 5, 2018 in Theory of Computation 207 views
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Consider the following four relational schemas. For each schema , all non-trivial functional dependencies are listed, The bolded attributes are the respective primary keys. Schema I: Registration(rollno, courses) Field courses' is a set-valued attribute containing the set of courses ... Which one of the relational schemas above is in 3NF but not in BCNF? Schema I Schema II Schema III Schema IV
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Consider the sequential circuit shown in the figure, where both flip-flops used are positive edge-triggered D flip-flops. The number of states in the state transition diagram of this circuit that have a transition back to the same state on some value of "in" is ____
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$x=a \cos(t), y=b \sin(t)$ is the parametric form of Ellipse Hyperbola Circle Parabola
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Eigen vectors of $\begin{bmatrix} 1 && \cos \theta \\ \cos \theta && 1 \end{bmatrix}$ are $\begin{bmatrix} a^n && 1 \\ 0 && a^n \end{bmatrix}$ $\begin{bmatrix} a^n && n \\ 0 && a^n \end{bmatrix}$ $\begin{bmatrix} a^n && na^{n-1} \\ 0 && a^n \end{bmatrix}$ $\begin{bmatrix} a^n && na^{n-1} \\ -n && a^n \end{bmatrix}$
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