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Vimal Patel Mar 16, 2020
I also took all tests by Bikram sir on GO. So you can also give it a try.
Vimal Patel Mar 16, 2020
While covering concepts for first time I used to finish whole subject then write do PYQ for that subject and then write notes for it. That way you would have better understanding of what is important and what is not.

Now coming to revision I assigned sunday fully to revision. Now for which subject to revise I used to keep a list of subject which has already been completed. Now Whenever subject gets completed add it at the end of list. And at each sunday revise a subject which is at top of list. Then after revision add that subject at the end of list. If in between you feel that you are forgetting some subject then you can change the order if you like. But this is general strategy for revision.

Now, coming to mocks they are mostly useful to train your mind to handle pressure, performing well under timed environment, and handling mistakes. I joined 3 test series madeeasy, gatebook,  and applied course.

And for exercise part I just sent a msg to a guy which I'm attaching here:

For DM, Algorithms, TOC, I solved around 70% exercises at the back of each section from Kenneth rosen, CLRs, and Peter Linz respectively. Some of this exercies are such by doing them one acquires quite new perspective about problem. Which can’t be expalined easily, It can mostly comes from within. It’s like a new way of thinking. So I really recommend exercises from these books. At the time I was solving I was solving those exercises I was able to solve roughly 50% of exercises. If you would not able to solve it then please check out a solution and digest it. But atleast think about problem 5-10 minutes. For these three subject solving exercises and POQ will give you very good confidence.

For OS, DBMS, CN, I relied on GO pdf and test series only. But I found exercise questions quite different from what is asked in GATE. So you may have look at exercise questions of textbooks and if you feel that it is relevant or adds some interesting skill to your arsenal than you may do those exercises.

For Digital Logic I solved around 70% exercises from Moris mono. And for COA I didn’t solved much exercises because I found them unfit to be asked in GATE.(Here also please figure out what works best for you. Like after solving you should feel like you have really learnt some important skill which can help you to answer questions in GATE.)

For Compiler also I attempted most exercises from Ullman in starting chapters of book. Later part I was not able to do.

Then I am attaching some really important resources which I had follow:

TOC decidability(This includes some really interesting problems) –
Then For COA, and OS you can do exercises from william stallings. I found this during last month of preparation so I was not able to do that. It contains good set of problems.
Have a look at question by this user. Those are very interesting –
Suraj885 Mar 16, 2020
What all you did for GATE preparation, especially revision,the way you prepared your notes?Mock tests,solving exercises etc.