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Which of the following devices should get higher priority in assigning interrupts? Hard disk Printer Keyboard Floppy disk
commented Nov 20, 2018 in Operating System 6.2k views
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A demand paging system takes $100$ time units to service a page fault and $300$ time units to replace a dirty page. Memory access time is $1$ time unit. The probability of a page fault is $p$. In case of a page fault, the probability of page being dirty is also $p$. It is observed that the average access time is $3$ time units. Then the value of $p$ is $0.194$ $0.233$ $0.514$ $0.981$
commented Nov 16, 2018 in Operating System 10.9k views
16 answers
Consider a system with a two-level paging scheme in which a regular memory access takes $150$ $nanoseconds$, and servicing a page fault takes $8$ $milliseconds$. An average instruction takes $100$ nanoseconds of CPU time, and two memory accesses. The TLB ... average instruction execution time? $\text{645 nanoseconds}$ $\text{1050 nanoseconds}$ $\text{1215 nanoseconds}$ $\text{1230 nanoseconds}$
commented Nov 14, 2018 in CO and Architecture 33.8k views
1 answer
Let P,Q,R be 3 languages. If P and R are regular and if PQ=R, then a)Q has to be regular b)Q can not be regular c)Q need not be regular d)Q has to be CFL
commented Oct 8, 2017 in Theory of Computation 2.1k views