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Rank Estimate 800 - 994 Current Rank 800 / 31715 Expected Score 707.52 My Marks 60 Category: OBC - NCL College Predictor says that i can get IIT G/R/H and Top NITs also, I just want to know should i apply for IIIT H also ? I don't know what'll be my final rank but i ... be under 900. I don't know if my Rank is stable right now or it will further go down from here. Do i still have chance in IITs ?
commented Feb 17 in IISc/IITs 914 views
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Consider the integer array $A\left [ 1.........100,1.......100 \right ]$ in which the elements are stored in $Z$ representation. An example of a $5\times 5$ array in $Z$ representation is shown below: If the base address of $A$ is starting from $1000$ ... $A$ is stored in Row Major Order, then the address corresponding to $A\left [ 100 \right ]\left [ 55 \right ]$ is ________________
commented May 4, 2019 in Programming 130 views
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Consider the following program: void A(int n){ printf("*"); if(n>1){ A(n/4); A(n/4); A(n/4); A(n/4); } } Let $X$ be number of asterisks printed by above function when $n=1024.$ Then the value of $X$ will be ____________ How ans will be $\frac{4^{k+1}-1}{3}$ , where $k=5?$ .
commented May 4, 2019 in Programming 191 views
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Which of the following functions is not differentiable in the domain $[-1,1]$ ? (a) $f(x) = x^2$ (b) $f(x) = x-1$ (c) $f(x) = 2$ (d) $f(x) = Maximum (x,-x)$
asked May 4, 2019 in Calculus 269 views
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Consider the following CFG: $S\rightarrow Aa\mid ca$ $A\rightarrow c\mid d$ How many conflict occur in $CLR\left ( 1 \right )$ Parsing construction ? I think $LR\left ( 0 \right )$ there is $1$ conflict, but in $SLR\left ( 1 \right )orCLR\left ( 1 \right )$ there won’t be any conflict. Someone verify it.
commented Apr 29, 2019 in Compiler Design 139 views
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Let $f : A \rightarrow B$ be a bijection and let $E,F$ be subjects of $A$, Now, we consider the following statements about the function $f :$ $P : f(E \cup F) = f (E) \cup f(F)$ $Q : f(E \cap F) = f (E) \cap f(F)$ Which of the following is ... $(4)$ None of $P$ and $Q$ is correct I thought $Q$ is true, but answer is both true. Is both true because of bijective function or ans given incorrect?
commented Apr 27, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 110 views
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Find the no. of permutations of the letters of the word ‘REMAINS’ such that the vowels always occur in odd places?
commented Apr 27, 2019 in Numerical Ability 64 views
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Rajesh traveled from home to school at 30 miles per hour. Then he returned home at 40 miles per hour, and he finally went back to school at 60 miles per hour, all along the same route. What was his average speed for the entire trip,in miles per hour?
commented Apr 27, 2019 in Numerical Ability 48 views
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Did anyone receive call letter from IITG Datascience for Written test, the shortlist was announced and it is informed that call letter will be sent by 26th apr 12PM...anyone have any info?
asked Apr 27, 2019 in Written Exam 479 views
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The exam date for ME CSE is on 15th and 26th may, the slot booking will open on 4th may. My query is that whether slots for ME CSE will be there on both the dates (15th & 26th may) or only on any one particular day?
asked Apr 26, 2019 in Written Exam 232 views
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What is the admission procedure of iiit-Bangalore? Do they conduct interviews?
commented Mar 2, 2019 in IIITs 428 views
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I am getting around 67.33 marks. What all options will be available for me? I want to join in good IITs will I get them? I am even ready to drop an year and try again for good IITs ? Will I get good IITs if I do well in interviews?
commented Mar 2, 2019 in IISc/IITs 267 views
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I scored 52.67 marks(Score 632)! Do I have any option? Is there any chance of admission in Bits or IIIT-B or IIIT-A?
commented Feb 22, 2019 in NITs 573 views
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GATE2019 I am getting 71 marks in gate 2019 as per gateoverflow predictor and i think this time number candidates who are getting good score are more compare to last year. So which iit i can get into. Please be specific . I am from general category.
commented Feb 14, 2019 in GATE 5k views
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How is BITS,Goa M.E CSE in terms of placements....I got Bits GOA in 1st iteration,do i have a chance of getting Pilani further iterations?....i had 126 marks
commented Feb 14, 2019 in Other Colleges 2.2k views
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My Gate 2019 expected score is 47 is there any possibility i could get good college for . i have already taken edu loan for my bachelors didnt have any job. so any suggestion please thank you
commented Feb 12, 2019 in Written Exam 336 views
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What is the minimum number of $2$-input NOR gates required to implement a $4$ -variable function expressed in sum-of-minterms form as $f=\Sigma(0,2,5,7, 8, 10, 13, 15)?$ Assume that all the inputs and their complements are available. Answer: _______
commented Feb 5, 2019 in Digital Logic 9.1k views
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commented Feb 4, 2019 in Programming 527 views
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A network with three hosts M, N and P have IP address, and and their subnet mask is Which of the following will be in a same subnet? (a) All three will be in same subnet (b) M and N (c) N and P (d) All will be in different subnet
commented Feb 4, 2019 in Computer Networks 638 views
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What is the answer for number of dfa states question,based on composition function?
commented Feb 4, 2019 in Theory of Computation 596 views
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What is the for the question where two statements were given as: S1: matrix A is invertible S2:|A|=0?
commented Feb 4, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 368 views
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Consider a new sorting algorithm similar to the BubbleSort algorithm, called RumbleSort. Given an array as input, RumbleSort attempts to sort the array and produces a sorted array as output. Here's the pseudo-code for RumbleSort. With regards to the above RumbleSort algorithm, ... algorithm will work correctly for a given input is $\mathcal Ο(n^2)$ Which of the above statements is/are true?
answer selected Jan 31, 2019 in Algorithms 374 views
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Q .) The number of ways can 5 letter be put in 3 boxes A, B,C such that A has at least 2 letters. My approach: Number of ways to choose 2 letters out of 5 is 5C2. And for each such combination the remaining 3 letter have 3 choice. Therefore 5C2 * 3^3, but this is incorrect. Please point out the fault in my understanding and also the correct way to solve it
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Combinatory 124 views
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Consider the following function: void madeeasy (int n) { if (n < 0) return; else { printf(n); madeeasy (- -n); madeeasy (n - -); printf(n); } } The sum of all values printed by madeeasy (5)_______ (I am getting -12 but given answer is 52)
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Programming 438 views
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Is intersction of two languages is also a language of the same type? RE AND REC which languages is decidable and un undecidable
commented Jan 31, 2019 in Theory of Computation 52 views
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Consider a system with main memory access time is 150ns and page fault service time is 5 microsecond if one-page fault generated for every 10^3 memory access then what is effective memory access time(in ns)?? The answer given is 154.85 and the answer I am getting is 4850.15 please verify someone
answered Jan 31, 2019 in CO and Architecture 50 views
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Q: Primary indexing can be sparse or dense? Q: Clustering indexing can be sparse or dense? Q: secondary indexing can be sparse or dense?
comment edited Jan 30, 2019 in Databases 33 views
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Consider a n-way cache with 'x blocks of 64 words each. The main memory of the system is having 8 million words. Size of the tag field is 16 bits and additional memory required for tags is 1024 bytes. What will be the values of n and x respectively? Answer 256 512
answered Jan 30, 2019 in CO and Architecture 382 views