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Answers by bane

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SET D,Read passage and give answers to question from 41 to 45 Epimenides was a Cretan who made one immortal statement: "All Cretans are liars." Epimenides the Cretan says, 'that all the Cretans are liars,' but Epimenides is himself a Cretan; ... problems as incomprehensible to human mind. B. German is an incomprehensible language. Question 44 45: Suggestion and answers are welcome, thankyou
answered May 2, 2017 in IIITH-PGEE 681 views
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I have confusion between the following terms: process to process delivery node to node delivery host to host delivery end to end delivery which layer provides which service and the major confusion is in the difference between them?
answered May 1, 2017 in Computer Networks 58 views
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Small doubt, We know that, when a page fault(required page is missing in main memory) occurs, the respective process will be blocked (Process is removed from Main memory. Does the page table of this process is removed from main memory?? If so, once the page which ... again Page Table has to be loaded back.(If it is removed once a process is blocked). Is my understanding correct? Please help me
answered May 1, 2017 in Operating System 126 views
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when and why is disk scheduling used? also who performs disk scheduling?
answered May 1, 2017 in Operating System 90 views
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Difference between logical address and physical address. M getting so confused between this two. Sometimes it is mentioned that logical address is what viewd by the user as user can't view physical address but then it is given it is generated by the CPU. Explain in simple language not bookies words. Thanks.
answered May 1, 2017 in Operating System 80 views
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20) If S d is a dual of S then (S d )d ⇔ a) ~S b) S c) T d) F
answered May 1, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 112 views
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What is protection in term of - "when multiple processes are waiting in the ready queue then one process should not affect the data of another process which is also waiting in the ready queue and this leads to the concept of providing protection between processes in ready queue. " ?
answered May 1, 2017 in Operating System 59 views
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what is the difference between connection oriented and connection less services?
answered May 1, 2017 in Computer Networks 91 views
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In CSE, general category I got 36.90 marks, my score is 483 and a rank of 4590 in GATE 2017. Can I get any NIT or any college through CCMT?
answered Apr 26, 2017 in NITs 355 views