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X AND Y is an arbitrary sets, F: $X\rightarrow Y$ show that a and b are equivalent F is one-one For all set Z and function g1: $Z\rightarrow X$ and g2: $Z\rightarrow X$, if $g1 \neq g2$ implies $f \bigcirc g1 \neq f \bigcirc g2$ Where $\bigcirc$ is a fucntion composition.
answered Mar 12 in Set Theory & Algebra 257 views
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If every non-key attribute functionally dependent on the primary key, then the relation will be in First normal form Second normal form Third normal form Fourth Normal form
answered Jan 21 in Databases 1.7k views
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An unbiased die is thrown $n$ times. The probability that the product of numbers would be even is $\dfrac{1}{(2n)}$ $\dfrac{1}{[(6n)!]}$ $1 - 6^{-n}$ $6^{-n}$ None of the above.
answered Nov 11, 2019 in Probability 660 views
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Consider the height-balanced tree $T_{t}$ with values stored at only the leaf nodes, shown in Fig.4. (i) Show how to merge to the tree, $T_{1}$ elements from tree $T_{2}$ shown in Fig.5 using node D of tree $T_{1}$. (ii) What is the time complexity of a merge ... $T_{1}$ and $T_{2}$ are of height $h_{1}$ and $h_{2}$ respectively, assuming that rotation schemes are given. Give reasons.
answered Oct 25, 2019 in DS 1.3k views
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answered Sep 20, 2019 in Databases 53 views
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If an instruction takes $i$ microseconds and a page fault takes an additional $j$ microseconds, the effective instruction time if on the average a page fault occurs every $k$ instruction is: $i + \dfrac{j}{k}$ $i +(j\times k)$ $\dfrac{i+j}{k}$ $({i+j})\times {k}$
answered Aug 20, 2019 in Operating System 6.4k views
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Hello, I have read that Σ* is countably infinite and power set of Σ* (ie. 2^ Σ*) is uncountably infinite. So by Cantor’s theorem, power set of any countably infinite set is uncountably infinite. Then what can be said about 0^any countably infinite set or 3^any countably infinite set? Do these things have any significance? Thank you.
answered Jun 12, 2019 in Theory of Computation 165 views
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Consider the following statements: S1 : User level process cannot modify its own page table entries. S2 : Demand paging requires that the programmer to take specific action to force the operating system to load a particular virtual memory page. Which of the following is true? A.) Only S1 B.) Only S2 C.) Both S1 and S2 D.) None of the above My answer is A but the answer given is D please explain
answered Jun 9, 2019 in Operating System 486 views