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In serial communication employing $8$ data bits, a parity bit and $2$ stop bits, the minimum band rate required to sustain a transfer rate of $300$ characters per second is $2400$ band $19200$ band $4800$ band $1200$ band
commented Feb 2, 2018 in Computer Networks 4.4k views
2 answers
A certain moving arm disk-storage device has the following specifications: Number of tracks per surface=$404$ Track storage capacity=$130030$ bytes. Disk speed=$3600$ rpm Average seek time=$30$ m secs. Estimate the average latency, the disk storage capacity and the data transfer rate.
commented Dec 28, 2017 in Operating System 3.3k views
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Two concurrent processes $P1$ and $P2$ want to use resources $R1$ and $R2$ in a mutually exclusive manner. Initially, $R1$ and $R2$ ... to deadlock. Exchange the statements $Q1$ and $Q3$ and statements $Q2$ and $Q4$. Is mutual exclusion guaranteed now? Can deadlock occur?
commented Oct 10, 2017 in Operating System 2.9k views
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Two hosts are connected via a packet switch with $10^7$ bits per second links. Each link has a propagation delay of $20$ microseconds. The switch begins forwarding a packet $35$ microseconds after it receives the same. If $10000$ bits of data are to be ... time elapsed between the transmission of the first bit of data and the reception of the last bit of the data in microseconds is ______.
commented Sep 25, 2017 in Computer Networks 16.8k views