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Questions by krish__

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In a village there are only two types of people. Type F are those who always lie and Type T always tell the truth. X says “according to Y, I always lie”. Assume both X and Y belong to above mentioned village Which of the following is not possible? I) X and Y both are Type F II) X and Y both are Type T III) X is type F and Y is Type T IV) X is type T and Y is Type F
asked Dec 23, 2017 in Mathematical Logic 200 views
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There are m variables in a grammar. The number of productions after removal of unit productions in the worst case is ,(Assume there are no null productions) (a) O(m) (b) O(m^2)m2m2) (c) O(k^m)kk^mkm) (d) O(2^m)2
asked Jun 7, 2016 in Theory of Computation 530 views