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Questions by krishn.jh

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A company hires 11 new employees, each of whom is to be assigned to one of 4 subdivisions. Each subdivision will get at least one new employee. In how many ways can these assignments be made?
asked Jul 22, 2018 in Combinatory 324 views
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I want to start Computer Network Subject as per schedule. but i don't know anything much about this subject as previous time i completely left this subject so how much average no. of days it will take to complete along with all Previous years GATE Questions of this ... in parallel or should i do only computer network one time) Note: i am doing job also.(5 days working) Seniors.Please suggest.
asked Jun 22, 2018 in GATE 100 views
1 vote
2 answers
For a computer architecture with multi level paging, a page size of $4 \hspace{0.1cm}KB$, and $64 \hspace{0.1cm} bit$ Physical and Virtual address: What is the smallest possible size for a page table entry, rounded up to a power of $2$? using your result above ... fits into a single page, How many levels of Page tables would be required to completely map the $64 \hspace{0.1cm} bit$ virtual space?
asked Jun 17, 2018 in Operating System 298 views
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1 answer
Why only Three Basic Logic Gates are there? can anyone explain the logic behind three basic Gate?
asked May 10, 2018 in Digital Logic 66 views