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A context-free grammar is ambiguous if: The grammar contains useless non-terminals. It produces more than one parse tree for some sentence. Some production has two non terminals side by side on the right-hand side. None of the above.
commented Sep 20 in Theory of Computation 2.5k views
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Is it possible that a disconnected graph is an Euler graph ?
answered Sep 17 in Algorithms 300 views
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Let $G$ be a simple undirected planar graph on $10$ vertices with $15$ edges. If $G$ is a connected graph, then the number of bounded faces in any embedding of $G$ on the plane is equal to: $3$ $4$ $5$ $6$
commented Sep 16 in Graph Theory 89 views
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Hi Guys, Any justification for the mentioned answer or what could be the answer ?
commented Sep 13 in Digital Logic 1.9k views
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Consider a machine with a $2$-way set associative data cache of size $64$ $Kbytes$ and block size $16$ $bytes$. The cache is managed using $32$ $bit$ virtual addresses and the page size is $4$ $Kbytes$. A program to be run on this machine begins as follows: double ARR[1024 ... made by the program are those to array $ARR$. The cache hit ratio for this initialization loop is: $0$% $25$% $50$% $75$%
commented Jul 15 in CO and Architecture 2.9k views
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The immediate addressing mode can be used for Loading internal registers with initial values Perform arithmetic or logical operation on data contained in instructions Which of the following is true? Only $1$ Only $2$ Both $1$ and $2$ Immediate mode refers to data in cache
commented May 10 in CO and Architecture 399 views
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For the matrices $A = \begin{pmatrix} a & a \\ 0 & a \end{pmatrix}$ and $B = \begin{pmatrix} 0 & 1 \\ -1 & 0 \end{pmatrix}$, $(B^{-1}AB)^3$ is equal to $\begin{pmatrix} a^3 & a^3 \\ 0 & a^3 \end{pmatrix}$ $\begin{pmatrix} a^3 & 3a^3 \\ 0 & a^3 \end{pmatrix}$ $\begin{pmatrix} a^3 & 0 \\ 3a^3 & a^3 \end{pmatrix}$ $\begin{pmatrix} a^3 & 0 \\ -3a^3 & a^3 \end{pmatrix}$
commented Jan 3 in Linear Algebra 120 views
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Find the number of Topological order(sort) in the given graph? $(1)$ $(2)$
commented Oct 23, 2019 in DS 993 views
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Consider the following statements: The smallest element in a max-heap is always at a leaf node The second largest element in a max-heap is always a child of a root node A max-heap can be constructed from a binary search tree in $\theta(n)$ time A binary search tree can be constructed ... time Which of te above statements are TRUE? I, II and III I, II and IV I, III and IV II, III and IV
commented Sep 16, 2019 in DS 4.9k views
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In an $11-bit$ computer instruction format, the size of address field is $4-bits.$ The computer uses expanding OP code technique and has $5$ two-address instructions and $32$ one-address instructions. The number of zero-address instructions it can support is ________
commented Sep 8, 2019 in CO and Architecture 4.8k views
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question A microprocessor provides an instruction capable of moving a string of bytes from one area of memory to another. The fetching and initial decoding of the instruction takes 10 clock cycles.Thereafter, it takes 15 clock cycles to transfer each byte.The ... cycle becoz control to interrupt will be given when the current instrunction will over and i will over after 970 clock cyle
commented Sep 2, 2019 in CO and Architecture 1.6k views
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How many bytes of data can be sent in $15$ seconds over a serial link with baud rate of $9600$ in asynchronous mode with odd parity and two stop bits in the frame? $10,000$ bytes $12,000$ bytes $15,000$ bytes $27,000$ bytes
commented Sep 1, 2019 in Computer Networks 6.7k views
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Consider the following program segment. Here $\text{R1, R2}$ and $\text{R3}$ ... that the memory is word addressable. The number of memory references for accessing the data in executing the program completely is $10$ $11$ $20$ $21$
commented Aug 31, 2019 in CO and Architecture 9.3k views
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A binary relation R on Z × Z is defined as follows: (a, b) R (c, d) iff a = c or b = d Consider the following propositions: 1. R is reflexive. 2. R is symmetric. 3. R is antisymmetric. Which one of the following statements is True?
commented Aug 30, 2019 in Set Theory & Algebra 584 views
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Delayed branching can help in the handling of control hazards The following code is to run on a pipelined processor with one branch delay slot: I1: ADD $R2 \leftarrow R7 + R8$ I2: Sub $R4 \leftarrow R5 – R6$ I3: ADD $R1 \leftarrow R2 + R3$ I4: STORE ... Which of the instructions I1, I2, I3 or I4 can legitimately occupy the delay slot without any program modification? I1 I2 I3 I4
commented Aug 13, 2019 in CO and Architecture 5.7k views
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Consider the following two statements about database transaction schedules: Strict two-phase locking protocol generates conflict serializable schedules that are also recoverable. Timestamp-ordering concurrency control protocol with Thomas' Write Rule can generate view serializable schedules that are not ... Which of the above statements is/are TRUE? I only II only Both I and II Neither I nor II
commented Aug 11, 2019 in Databases 5.6k views
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<p>Ramesh buy a new laptop, he connected it to Ethernet and after sometime he wishes to surf the internet, so laptop send a DNS request. What will be the sequence of header packet geenrated on request, as it leaves the laptop?</p> <p>udp,dns,ip</p> <p>Ethernet ip udp dns</p> <p>Ethernet ip tcp dns</p> <p>udp dns Ethernet ip</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
commented Jul 31, 2019 in Computer Networks 416 views
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If flooding is used to send packets from A to E, then the total number of packets generated in the above network when hop count for A to E is 3 are ________. ANSWER IS 14 .....BUT THE DOUBT IS THAT IS THEIR ANY EFFECT OF SAYING HOP COUNT FOR A TO E BECZ HERE IN 14 WE COUNTED THE HOP OF LENGTH...
commented Jul 31, 2019 in Computer Networks 1k views
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Consider Amit lives in Delhi, connected to the internet via a 100 Mbps connection retrieve a 250 KB webpage from server in Bangalore, where page contain 3 images of 500 KB each. Assume one way propagation delay is 75 ms and Amit's access link is the bandwidth ... on Amit's screen using nonpersistent HTTP and T2 is time using persistent connection, then T = T1 - T2 will be ________ msec.
commented Jul 30, 2019 in Computer Networks 1.1k views