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Answers by nilamd

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Consider a disk pack with a seek time of $4$ milliseconds and rotational speed of $10000$ rotations per minute (RPM). It has $600$ sectors per track and each sector can store $512$ bytes of data. Consider a file stored in the disk. The file ... accessing each sector is half of the time for one complete rotation. The total time (in milliseconds) needed to read the entire file is__________________
answered Jan 23, 2016 in Operating System 8.8k views
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The number of nodes of height $h$ in any $n$-element heap is ________. $h$ $2^{h}$ ceil $\left[\frac{n}{2^{h}}\right]$ ceil $\left[\frac{n}{2^{h+1}}\right]$ Answer is given as D, But I think it should be C. Because, even if you take height=1 then possible nodes are 3 and 2.
answered Jan 20, 2016 in DS 5k views
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Which one of the following is true for a CPU having a single interrupt request line and a single interrupt grant line? Neither vectored interrupt nor multiple interrupting devices are possible Vectored interrupts are not possible but multiple ... interrupts and multiple interrupting devices are both possible Vectored interrupts are possible but multiple interrupting devices are not possible
answered Jan 15, 2016 in Operating System 7.4k views