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Answers by paraskk

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A micro program control unit is required to generate a total of $25$ control signals. Assume that during any micro instruction, at most two control signals are active. Minimum number of bits required in the control word to generate the required control signals will be: $2$ $2.5$ $10$ $12$
answered Dec 20, 2019 in CO and Architecture 8.6k views
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A pennant is a sequence of numbers, each number being $1$ or $2$. An $n-$pennant is a sequence of numbers with sum equal to $n$. For example, $(1,1,2)$ is a $4-$pennant. The set of all possible $1-$pennants is ${(1)}$, the set of all possible $2-$ ... $(1,2)$ is not the same as the pennant $(2,1)$. The number of $10-$pennants is________
answered Oct 28, 2019 in Combinatory 3.8k views
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State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons for your answer: Coroutine is just another name for a subroutine. A two pass assembler uses its machine opcode table in the first pass of assembly.
answered Aug 25, 2019 in Compiler Design 951 views
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The purpose of instruction location counter in an assembler is _______
answered Aug 25, 2019 in Compiler Design 1.2k views