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Answers by radha gogia

6 votes
Prove the validity of the following argument " If I get the job and work hard,then I'll get promoted. If I get promoted then i'll be happy. I will not be happy. Therefore either i will not get the job or i will not work hard."
answered Jul 7, 2016 in Mathematical Logic 523 views
1 vote
If we are given a linked list then we have to manipulate such that even indexed node are arranged together and odd indexed nodes are arranged together after even indexed nodes for instance the given linked list is 1-->2-->3-->4-->5-->6 , so the op should be 2-->4-->6-->1-->3-->5
answered Apr 9, 2016 in Algorithms 383 views
9 votes
Match the following Lists List-I A. There are atmost two apples. B. There are exactly two apples. C. There is atmost one apple. D. There is exactly one apple. List-II 1. $\forall x \forall y \forall z ((Apple (x) \wedge Apple (y) \wedge Apple (z)) \rightarrow (x=y \vee x=z \vee y=z))$ ... $a$ $b$ $c$ $d$
answered Feb 29, 2016 in Mathematical Logic 597 views
2 votes
What will be printed by following statement : printf(“%d”,scanf(“%d”,&n));
answered Feb 23, 2016 in Written Exam 180 views
1 vote
Lets say their is R(A,B,C) and FD : A⟶B, AB⟶C and A is key. Is it in 3NF? Explain
answered Feb 21, 2016 in Databases 133 views
3 votes
Let FD: AB-->C , A-->C .Is B extraneous ?if yes, then how can we determine B.
answered Feb 21, 2016 in Databases 530 views
0 votes
Please solve the following integration problem $\int_{0}^{\infty}{ y^{\frac{1}{2} }}e^{-y^3}dx$ I want full explanation. please help me ?
answered Feb 9, 2016 in Calculus 675 views
0 votes
How to find how many linearly independent eigen vectors are possible of a matrix?
answered Feb 9, 2016 in Linear Algebra 330 views
2 votes
S: r1(x),r2(x),w1(x),w2(x) it is view serializable or not
answered Feb 1, 2016 in Databases 400 views
1 vote
With the help of blind write how we know that given schedule is view serializable
answered Feb 1, 2016 in Databases 405 views
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If c is non-negative but not infinite then : 1.f(n)=O(g(n)) 2.f(n)=⊖(g(n)) According to me : it is saying that c is non-negative and not infinite so if g(n) tends to zero then c will tend to infinite but it is given that it is not infinite therefore clearly g(n) should be larger than f(n) , so more precisely we can say f(n)=O(g(n)) ,plz correct me ,if I am wrong
answered Jan 31, 2016 in Algorithms 340 views
3 votes
L = {wwrx where w,x belongs to {a,b}*} is Regular definitely as w can always be considered to be Epislon. So, this just becomes (a+b)* language. What about this one: Whether L={wwrx where w,x belongs to {a,b}+} Regular ?
answered Jan 30, 2016 in Theory of Computation 1.1k views
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3 votes
What is the number of states in a minimal FA which accepts all strings over (0,1)* where every string starts with 100 and the length of the string is congruent to 1(mod4) I am getting 11 states. Ans given is 8. While doing the cross product , is it ensured that , I will get the minimal DFA ? or do I have to minimise after the cross product ?
answered Jan 17, 2016 in Theory of Computation 227 views
3 votes
Find the value of: $\lim_{\theta \to \pi/2} \left ( 1 - 5 \cot\theta \right )^{\tan\theta}$ $e^{5}$ $e^{-5}$ $e^{1/5}$ $e^{-1/5}$
answered Jan 17, 2016 in Calculus 297 views
1 vote
Is it possible to delete intermediate node/number in Heap? Not a root or last.
answered Dec 26, 2015 in Algorithms 107 views
1 vote
minimum running time of algo that determines universal sink in a directed graph G={V,E} - a vertex with indegree |V|-1 and outdegree 0, given an adjacency matrix for G is: omega(V^2) O(V) O(V+E) none
answered Dec 26, 2015 in Algorithms 390 views
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How many tokens are there in each -> int *ptr = &x; ++a >= != x += 10; Token should be counted before pre-processing or after it? from my experience only, I'm able to identify what are considered as tokens are and what not. I want a reliable reference to know what all tokens are there in C. Does a token depends on what compiler is in use? Create a standard list of tokens for GATE exam.
answered Dec 6, 2015 in Compiler Design 467 views
2 votes
The dangling else problem in the construct If (E) sales S | is (E) S | a can be resolved IN SDTS by (A) Using the associative & precedence of operating & the 'exe' munch principle (B) By change the grammar to an unambiguous one (C) Cannot be removed as It Is undecidable (D) None of the above
answered Dec 5, 2015 in Compiler Design 801 views
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in top down parsing while constructing parse tree , semantic actions are considered as child of Variable (ie part of production on RHS) how we can decide this as the right child or left child in parse tree ? if not getting my question ? explain sdt using top down parsing ?
answered Dec 5, 2015 in Compiler Design 367 views
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If we are given PAGE SIZE=4KB, PAGE TABLE ENTRY SIZE=4B OUTER PAGE TABLE SIZE=4KB and levels of Paging=3 ,so how to go about calculating the virtual address space .
answered Oct 19, 2015 in Operating System 629 views
5 votes
We are given a set of $n$ distinct elements and an unlabeled binary tree with $n$ nodes. In how many ways can we populate the tree with the given set so that it becomes a binary search tree? $0$ $1$ $n!$ $\frac{1} {n+1} .^{2n}C_n$
answered Oct 18, 2015 in DS 9.8k views
1 vote
void myfunc(int X){ if(X > 0) myfunc( --X ); printf("%d", X); } int main(){ myfunc(5); return 0; } 0,0,1,2,3,4 4,3,2,1,0 4,3,2,1,0,0 0,1,2,3,4
answered Oct 18, 2015 in Programming 650 views
2 votes
Let $H$ be a finite collection of hash functions that map a universe $U$ of keys to $\{0,1,2, \ldots ,m-1\}$. $H$ is said to be universal if for each pair of distinct keys, $(k, i) \in U$, the number of hash functions $h\in H$ for which $h(k)=n(i)$ is at most ________ $\dfrac{∣H∣}{m^2}$ $\dfrac{1}{m^2 \log m}$ $\dfrac{∣H∣}{m^2}$ $\dfrac{∣H∣}{m}$
answered Oct 18, 2015 in DS 804 views
0 votes
int main (){ int a=5,b=3; printf("%d", a+++++b); // 5 +'s } Please Explain.
answered Oct 15, 2015 in Programming 387 views
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What is the criteria for distinguishing data structure in terms of linear and non-linear ? I am bit confused with the criteria for this. I have search and tried to clear this confusion but then i got more confused since few places it is categorizing on the basis of storage in the memory and some place it is on the basis of traversal.
answered Oct 14, 2015 in DS 475 views
4 votes
If n has 3, then the statement a[++n]=n++; assigns 3 to a[5] assigns 4 to a[5] assigns 4 to a[4] what is assigned is compiler dependent
answered Oct 14, 2015 in Programming 4k views
3 votes
The for loop for (i=0; i<10; ++i) printf("%d", i&1); prints 0101010101 0111111111 0000000000 1111111111
answered Oct 14, 2015 in Programming 3.3k views